Monday, October 27, 2014

Karen's Color Runners: The Happiest Run on the Planet

Although Kate's mom was sick at the time, she surprised Kate as she ran the color run last year. Kate wanted to do the run again this year, and in memory of her mom. My mom, sister and I decided to join her, although we planned on walking it. This year though, not only did we do it in memory of her mom, but also for Kate's beautiful baby girl, Kendall. 

Kate planned a nail night over at her house the night before, where Kate so creatively made treats full of color. 

Even the popcorn had color in it! {And it was DELICIOUS!}

They even painted Kate's nieces toe nails. Aren't they the cutest little feet you have ever seen?

Kate was going to order shirts with names on it, but it was going to be a little pricey. So instead, Kate and her sister, being so creative, found letters that you could iron on. It worked out really well. We were short an 'R' but just made an 'R' with a 'P' and part of another letter. 

We were pretty pumped! Although we were supposed to be there and ready to go by 8 AM. And mind you, making sure my momma is up and ready early is not an easy task, but she and my sister both surprised me as when I arrived they were both ready! And not too soon after we got there, they started the race a couple minutes earlier than 8.

I loved that we all did our shirts differently.


Can you see how cold it was? BRRRRRrrrrRRRR!!!!!!

It was really a blast. My mom and sister were so cold, and since my mom was practicing walking on the treadmill, she was WAYYYYY ahead of us {go mom!} Although I was a little worried because they didn't have a cell phone on them. The others kept it at a much more slower pace. LOL.

And yes, there was way more walkers than runners. 

We eventually found my mom and sister who were waiting for us more towards the end of the race. Thankfully!




{All photos were taken by friends}

The crazy thing was that so many people we know were doing the race as well, but, we didn't run into anyone we knew. There was that many people.

Kate wrote this on her facebook:

Losing my Kendall has given me courage and made me bold. I am living like I never have before, doing things I never would have. I hope if Kendall gets to look down from heaven she'll squeal with excitement, "THAT'S my mommy!" Today I made a snow angel in the color of the color run. It may seem crazy but I know I have to live every moment of this life to the fullest. Loving life, loving hard, and following wherever the Lord leads me until I'm with my sweet girl again. I hope I make you proud sweet daughter and one day in heaven we'll make color angels with the real angels.

And that, she will.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Big Heart

A while ago, Trav said the sweetest thing, as we laid in bed, laughing about our day's experience.

"Your heart is bigger than your brain... That's a good thing."

I laughed. I didn't even have to say anything before he continued.

"Look at what you do for Gracie, for wanting to adopt kids..." he named a few other things, but I wasn't concentrating on it, instead I was more focused with the statement, thinking this man is crazy. If this man thinks my heart is big, he has no idea how much bigger his heart is.

He is everything that I want to be. The reason for trying to be better. I just want to follow his lead on how much he loves people, how compassionate he is, and how sincere he is. He is the one with the big heart, not I. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Trig's 4th? Birthday!!

Triggy turned 4! Well we think. We're not really sure. He honestly have no idea abut how old he is. We say he's a little younger than Tatum because he's just more immature, but in all honesty, Tatum acts like he's an old man.

Trig's allergies have been REALLY bad this year. We can't afford to take him to the vet to get an allergy test {we plan on doing that once Trav graduates}. We have changed his food, gave him allergy pills, etc. The thing that seems to work the best is actually coconut oil, which you can just buy at any local store. {You can read more benefits of coconut oil here} Tatum and Gracie LOVE it and will start to drool once they it come out of the pantry, but Trig on the other hand {who needs it the most}, doesn't care for it. He still eats it most of the time, simply because he doesn't want the other dogs to have it. LOL. 

Anyways, although Trig LOVED Tatum's cake {you can see it here}, we had to do something different for Trig because it was full of grain. So, thanks to Pinterest, I found this recipe. It literally is the easiest: an egg, peanut butter, half an apple, and baking powder. It didn't make much though, BUT, there was enough to make 3 little muffins. 

We tried getting Trig to sit on the kitchen chair, but he would jump off right away. So we just sang him happy birthday and he was just happy that he was finally able to eat his muffin. And it was gone in two seconds flat. I was lucky I was even able to get a picture of them eating - good thing dad broke it up to make it last a second longer.


Happy birthday Triggy Wiggy! :) We love you and so glad that you are part of our family!

P.S. The cats did celebrate with us as well, but for some reason I forgot to take a picture of them with their treat.

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