Thursday, September 4, 2014

Little Travis

One of my most favorite things that I have ever got was pictures of Travis when he was young. He is SOOOOO cute {and of course, he still is!}. How can I not ADORE them?! They bring a smile to my face to see how cute and what a little stinker he was. I know how much joy he brings in my life, but I can now see him as being little and how much joy he brought into everyone else's life.

The pictures are from his Grandma R. that she took out of her photo albums. We were intending to use them for the wedding, but I ran out of time to organize them and go through his pictures and my pictures. She ended up giving them to me probably knowing how much I wanted them. To this day, I'm always scared that they may get lost somehow. These also might be the only pictures I get to see of Travis when he was little because we're not sure where some of the other pictures are. I will share them at one a time. 

Look at that sweet smile! :) He's just the cutest thing ever! I can also see Travis looking like his brother, Trey, and although they are brothers, they don't look like Brittany and I {no one can mistake us for being related and often mistaken as being twins}.

Thank you Grandma R. for the pictures :) I'm so glad that we have them. I can't wait to add more fun pictures of little Travis!

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  1. Sooooo cute! I scored quite a few pictures of Eric's childhood from his mom for our wedding prep! Over 6 years later I still love pulling them out and looking at his adorableness ;)


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