Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A New Style

I needed to to get a trim to touch up some layers, so I  went to a beauty school because I was hoping for a trim that wouldn't be that difficult. I showed them this exact picture of what I was looking for in long layers:

She looks at the picture and says, "I can do that". I smile giving her complete trust because she graduates in three weeks, so she's not a completely newbie at cutting hair and must understand what I want. She turns you away from the mirror and suddenly turns me to the mirror asking, "Is this too short?"

I'm not sure what my face looked like with my reaction because the next thing I heard was, "...Well your split ends are all the way up here." 

I know it will grow back, but it's so new to me.

I don't really like it, I feel like I'm 13 again. Trav loves it though and keeps playing with it. I keep feeling my hair and wishing it was long again. I know people say it will grow back, but, it took me years to grow my hair out because my hair grows in ringlets. It was a sad day, but I am getting used to it. It is just hair, and if that's the only thing that happened that I wasn't too happy about, I would say that it was a pretty good day. Plus, I'm getting more used to it.

At least my mom's reaction was on cue, "I just know how long it took you to grow it out...{long pause} looks nice." However, when I came back up not too long ago {I know, these posts aren't in order}, but my mom was way more excited about my hair and really seemed to like it}.

And yes, I usually hate selfies, but I hate taken them tying to show my mom how I've been doing my hair and makeup {I think she may be proud. LOL.}

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