Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dr. Carson Book Tour

A friend invited Travis and I to the Ben Carson One Nation Book Tour in our area. Travis really wanted to go because he likes Ben Carson, but he got out of work later than expected so was unable to make it. I invited my friend, Caroline, with me because she is a fan of Dr. Carson and has even seen him speak last year.

We were pretty excited because who knows... he may become our next President if he decides to run.

We picked up his book One Nation and waited patiently in line. {I was actually surprised that the line moved pretty quickly with how many people were there}.

Then it was time. I shook Ben Carson's hand! 

So this is not exactly how I imagined my picture with the maybe-next-president-of-the-United-States. After all, I look like a cheese ball, but hey, never the less, I have a picture with him.

And now I have a book to read with his autograph. {I was planning on taking it to us on vacation to read on the beach, but I didn't want the sand to ruin it}.

Afterwards, we took some pictures next to Ben Carson's tour bus (because we're dorks like that).  

On the side of his bus it reads:
"What we can all do to save America's future"
All in all, I am excited to read his book.

If you'd like to learn more about Ben Carson or want to know what Mr.Carson is up to, you can visit this website.

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