Thursday, June 5, 2014

What's Your Excuse?

I used to have all the excuses in the world about not working out:

*I can't afford a gym
*The gym is closed {once I joined the gym}
*I'm exhausted
*It is way too early/late
*I can't do it
*I hurt {from working out previously}
*I need new workout clothes (haha, yes, I said I tried every excuse imaginable)

But then, my eyes really started to open once I got on the doctors scale on Jan 9th. I remember that day because I thought their scale was wrong. Then I tried a couple different scales and found out that their scale wasn't wrong. It wasn't just about the weight I gained, it was more about how I felt. I didn't feel good.

Since then, I have been battling working out. When I work out, my results aren't fast enough to make me stay motivated. Then my other excuses start to follow.

Travis' eye opener was when he got his blood work done because they worried him that he would die early. He started eating healthier and working out more. More recently, he decided he wanted to join the Army Reserves, but when he unofficially got weighed in to see where he was at, he had some more weight he had to loose. So he tried something a little more challenging besides eating healthier: running for miles.

He wanted me to go with him some days, and I just refused. I don't run. I can't keep up. I didn't want to. I didn't want to move in general; not just by running or working out at all. 

Then I realized if I didn't listen to all these excuses, I could do it. I just needed some motivation and to at least try and get my body in some form of movement. 

This is what I have to live by.

1.) Get motivated. You can do this! Why do you want to do this? Remember, you're starting for a reason.

2.) Find something you enjoy to get your body moving. 
Currently mine is running, although it could be something different the next day because I get bored easily. Running is something my husband and I could do together if he didn't mind going slow. I started running by myself, and then one day I joined him in part of his run. A month ago I enjoyed doing Zumba online {this is the video I was obsessed with}.
3.) Make sure you have appropriate gear. 
+Water is important. Can't state this enough.
+A good pair of shoes.
+Good music {otherwise it's way too boring}. If I was working out at the gym, I watch Netflix videos.
+{Optional} An app that keeps track of how much you exercised.
4.) Get sweaty.
"I have never seen you sweat so much!" Travis would exclaim as I ran. Uhhh....thanks babe, for the motivation? Sweat just proves that you had a good workout.
5.) Push through.
Don't quit! You may even start to enjoy it. I am starting to enjoy running a little bit. I don't enjoy it while I'm doing it; I enjoy it afterwards. Just knowing that you did it.

I use the Nike + run app.
This was yesterday's time (6.4.14)

Pretty impressive for a girl who would walk the mile in gym class instead of running it during high school. And the the girl who hasn't really ran since.
6.) Focus on your goal.
I am not really focused on my time, though, I am instead of focusing on finding a spot where I tell myself "I can run to that point". I also like going past that point that I thought I couldn't reach before. It's an accomplishment.
7.) Don't let those excuses get to you.
Prove those voices in your head wrong. You can too do it. And remember the reason you started and how far you have come.

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  1. Hi! New to your blog from the linkie! What's my excuse to not run? At almost 63, I fear my uterus might fall out. LOL! No, I dance 30-45 minutes, 6 days a week, and have a small weight machine at home. That's my exercise. And I eat 'primal'...and I lost 66 lbs. last year, and 3 more this year. Good to find a new fitness/health based blogger!

    1. Wonderful :) Dance is an AWESOME form of exercise! 66 pounds last year? Congrats! I'm so proud of you :) Keep up the awesome work!

      <3 Ash

  2. That is SO awesome girl! I feel the same way about running- I don't really enjoy it at the time, but AFTER is when I enjoy it! That feeling is like none other! I'm starting to get back into running, and am so excited! Thanks for the motivation! :)

    Thanks for linking up, too!


    1. Thanks Katie! I'm glad you're doing the Healthy Habits - its wonderful to see what everyone else is doing to stay healthy! :)

      <3 Ash

  3. So proud of you guys! Working out is not my favorite but it is definitely worth it. It definitely takes some serious dedication and that's hard to find sometimes! Glad to see you're in it together and making the most of one of my favorite perks of being married - fulltime workout buddy :)


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