Friday, June 20, 2014

Weighing In

Travis has been wanting to join the Army Reserves for a really long time. He knew the biggest challenge would be the weigh in.

When Trav sets his mind to something - he accomplishes it. He lost over 30 pounds all together!

I was so relieved when I saw this text message the day he went to weigh in:

So what did this boy want to celebrate when he got home???! Wings of course. So wings he got.

Have you ever seen anyone happier to eat wings?

And what's a celebration without dessert? I mean it was a very special day! Instead of having something with a ton of left overs (I was planning on making him cake) that we would eat throughout the next couple days, we got shakes from Sonic.


I couldn't be more proud of him. He has worked so extremely hard. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Let's Go for a Drive

Travis always has great ideas. One day he mentioned about going for a drive with no intention of where to go. We jumped into the car with the fur babies and decided to take advantage of a beautiful day. We had no idea where we wanted to go; Trav just kept driving. 

Travis saw a little area of water, so he stopped and we got out and started exploring. We found this little area of sand and let the dogs loose (well except for Gracie).


Tatum and Trig were so excited; you could just see it in their faces. They played (even Tatum got in the water!) and Trig was even more excited once daddy started throwing a stick for Trig to fetch.


They were in heaven. Even Gracie seemed to relax at the end of the trip. She had fun watching the boys. Maybe one day she'll join in without being so scared of a new area.

Times like these are what I love the most.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This Girl

This girl has worked so hard her entire life, and finally gotten one of the most rewarding things in life: She GRADUATED! :) I couldn't be more proud.

Not too long ago, she was beginning to get on the school bus (it felt like just a couple years ago). Now she will be on to bigger and better things and will accomplish so much more in her life!

She is the most wonderful person I know and she deserves all the happiness in the world.

I love you Brit. Congrats little sis!

"The future belongs to those who believe 
in the beauty of their dreams"
Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, June 5, 2014

What's Your Excuse?

I used to have all the excuses in the world about not working out:

*I can't afford a gym
*The gym is closed {once I joined the gym}
*I'm exhausted
*It is way too early/late
*I can't do it
*I hurt {from working out previously}
*I need new workout clothes (haha, yes, I said I tried every excuse imaginable)

But then, my eyes really started to open once I got on the doctors scale on Jan 9th. I remember that day because I thought their scale was wrong. Then I tried a couple different scales and found out that their scale wasn't wrong. It wasn't just about the weight I gained, it was more about how I felt. I didn't feel good.

Since then, I have been battling working out. When I work out, my results aren't fast enough to make me stay motivated. Then my other excuses start to follow.

Travis' eye opener was when he got his blood work done because they worried him that he would die early. He started eating healthier and working out more. More recently, he decided he wanted to join the Army Reserves, but when he unofficially got weighed in to see where he was at, he had some more weight he had to loose. So he tried something a little more challenging besides eating healthier: running for miles.

He wanted me to go with him some days, and I just refused. I don't run. I can't keep up. I didn't want to. I didn't want to move in general; not just by running or working out at all. 

Then I realized if I didn't listen to all these excuses, I could do it. I just needed some motivation and to at least try and get my body in some form of movement. 

This is what I have to live by.

1.) Get motivated. You can do this! Why do you want to do this? Remember, you're starting for a reason.

2.) Find something you enjoy to get your body moving. 
Currently mine is running, although it could be something different the next day because I get bored easily. Running is something my husband and I could do together if he didn't mind going slow. I started running by myself, and then one day I joined him in part of his run. A month ago I enjoyed doing Zumba online {this is the video I was obsessed with}.
3.) Make sure you have appropriate gear. 
+Water is important. Can't state this enough.
+A good pair of shoes.
+Good music {otherwise it's way too boring}. If I was working out at the gym, I watch Netflix videos.
+{Optional} An app that keeps track of how much you exercised.
4.) Get sweaty.
"I have never seen you sweat so much!" Travis would exclaim as I ran. Uhhh....thanks babe, for the motivation? Sweat just proves that you had a good workout.
5.) Push through.
Don't quit! You may even start to enjoy it. I am starting to enjoy running a little bit. I don't enjoy it while I'm doing it; I enjoy it afterwards. Just knowing that you did it.

I use the Nike + run app.
This was yesterday's time (6.4.14)

Pretty impressive for a girl who would walk the mile in gym class instead of running it during high school. And the the girl who hasn't really ran since.
6.) Focus on your goal.
I am not really focused on my time, though, I am instead of focusing on finding a spot where I tell myself "I can run to that point". I also like going past that point that I thought I couldn't reach before. It's an accomplishment.
7.) Don't let those excuses get to you.
Prove those voices in your head wrong. You can too do it. And remember the reason you started and how far you have come.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Franklin, TN

We finally made our way to Franklin, TN in April :) We have been wanting to go because we have heard of what a little neat town it is. 

The drive in Franklin is absolutely beautiful :) There are beautiful houses on the side of the road just about anywhere you turn, and the bridge is GORGEOUS!

By the time we got to Franklin, we were starving and everywhere seemed so busy with people. And as we get older, being crowded by a lot of people when it's hot outside, is not really our sort of thing. 

We decided to go across from their visitor center to Franklin Mercantile Deli to eat. It was good AND we didn't have to wait 45 mins to an hour to get our food. Score. Plus, I loved all the beautiful live flowers at each table.

We went around and toured some of the shops. They were pretty fun, but a little pricey and not our thing. So we looked for something to do. Thank goodness for Yelp, because they recommend this place:

The Lotz Civil War House Museum

If you go to Franklin, this is a MUST SEE! We didn't know much about the civil war, but our tour guide, J.T. Thompson was so knowledgable of everything (he even co-wrote a book about the place that you can buy at the museum or here on amazon.

(If I remember everything correctly since it's been a couple of months)Johann Albert Lotz was a German immigrant that came to Franklin, TN. Lotz was a master woodworker/carpetar. He built his own house in 1858 mostly all by his own hands. Together, him and his wife had six children. However, in 1864, the Union Army(?) poisoned much of the water supply in the surrounding areas, making their twin children fall victim and die.

On November 30th, 1864, Lotz looked outside and noticed that nearby there was an army setting up for a war. Lotz knew that his house was made out of wood and that his house wouldn't be able to withstand, they made it across to the house across the street (the Carter House) that was made out of brick. There, they hid in the cellar with the Carter family. The battle started and lasted about five hours.

On December 1, 1864, the Lotz family went back to their home. And as you can imagine, at that time, there were dead bodies every where, and being such a young family, there was no way of hiding it for their children and about everywhere they stepped there was dead bodies. When they returned to their home across the street, they found soldiers from both side of the war, using their house as a hospital until the following summer. Also during the battle, there was a cannon that went through their roof causing it to go through two levels of their house. You can see the actual repairs Mr. Lotz made to make his home get back to "normal".

This is the most real thing I have ever felt of the Civil War. Anything that we have been to about the Civil War is just a movie or seeing an empty battlefield, not truly understanding what all happened. Anyone who loves history, needs to make a trip here, because you can see the blood stained floors, the repairs Mr. Lotz made AND just what their every day routine is.

And the real kicker is that this HUGE piece of history, was going to be sold as a Mexican RESTAURANT! Can you believe that? Something so important to history? Thankfully, J.T. Thompson and his wife bought the home, and you can see how truly passionate they are about this place.

If I didn't say it enough, if you are in Franklin, GO to the Lotz home. You won't regret it! {You can read more about it here} Next time if we go, we will be checking out the Carter House with it. You can see three places (one including the Lotz House) for $30 a person (I believe that was the price). If you do that, make sure you probably make it a most of the day sort of thing.

We were so excited that we went and walked around exploring different places nearby that had to do with the civil war. 

We then became a little restless and were hungry again (imagine that!) We really wanted to go to the Music City Dog House to eat, which lead us to The Factory (which we didn't know). When we got inside, we were sad to see that they were closed, but we had fun exploring The Factory. It was pretty neat to see the inside of an old actual Factory building (we loved that it was reused for something rather than just sitting there empty) and how they recreated it to make it a mall. There weren't a lot of people, and it wasn't your typical mall. It was more business like - if that makes sense. It was pretty cool. I wish I took more photos of this place just so we could remember how cool it really was in the inside.


As we drove home, we finally found a neat little place to stop and eat outside of Franklin. It was such a beautiful day that we sat and ate outside.

Overall, it was a lovely day to explore.

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