Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Think You Can

You know what is pretty incredible? 


My mother-in-law and Trav's cousin, Libby, ran a half marathon (13 miles) in 2 hours and 14 minutes this past weekend! That is pretty awesome.. and top of it all, they are running another half marathon in a couple of weeks. They are pretty tough cookies! When Trisa started running, she could barley run mailbox to mailbox (from what Travis states). Now, she is running all the time, loves it, and might even sign up for a full marathon (okay, so I'm not really sure about that last part, lol).

Travis has been losing weight like crazy to try to get into the Army Reserve. He's doing really well and has already lost his two inches. He's eating healthy (except for this week, but he's getting back to his old ways) and he's been running. His major exercise is just running miles. He believes it's a mental game, trying to make yourself run past a certain point or beat a certain time. I wouldn't say he necessarily likes it, but he feels much better afterwards.

When you get on facebook or read blog posts, it seems like everyone is picking up this running hobby. Running has many benefits:

{as stated in Active}
+Improves your health
+Prevents disease
+Helps you lose weight
+Boost your confidence
+Relives stress
+Eliminates depression

So I picked up my running shoes and I have decided to try it. 

The thing I like best is about it is that I don't have to drive somewhere to go running. I don't even have to take a shower before I do it. Way to be stinky! Yay :)

Not only is running good for you, but it's all good for dogs.

Benefits of Exercise {Stated in ASPCA}:

+It makes them happy
+It's bonding time
+Helps keep them healthy
+Helps to eliminate behavior problems (such as chewing, etc)
+Helps timid and scared dogs become more confident
+Reduces digestive problems & constipation
+Makes them more sleepy
+Helps to keep their weight under control

And let me tell you, the fur babies are loving it {I haven't really ran Gracie though because she is still scared of sudden movement}. They don't care how slow I go, as long as they get to go along. I took many breaks, and probably about over half the time I walked, but I did it. The babies were exhausted afterwards. {As I write this, they are all taking a nap. What a ruff life.}

I'm planning on doing it again tomorrow, even if I'm sore. I will say that I since I have been using the Elliptical at the gym lately, it is much easier for me to run longer periods of time than I have ever before {I did try to run around the block a few times last year}.

I'm excited for my friend, Lisa, who is planning on doing her first 5k in a couple of weeks!  Also for Kate, who is planning on maybe not running a 5k (although she has before), but walking a couple of weeks in a 5k after she has her baby! That is incredible! 

I am not planning on ever running a half marathon, but one of the things on my bucket list is to run a 5k. So it's better late than never! LOL. Maybe I will sign up next year? LOL. We'll see how this running thing goes first.

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