Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Last Final.

Trav and his classmates took their last final the other day.
Let's take a minute and let that set in...
Their LAST final.
Trav and his classmates can now breathe a little easier.
(I think we all need a margarita to celebrate! LOL.)

Don't worry, he will still have tests, but no more finals. That's huge.

We are so glad that his program was front loaded. That way he can concentrate on doing his clinicals and reviewing for his boards.

What did we do to celebrate?

We invited Trav's classmate, Rob, over. He brought over steaks. As soon as he pulled in the driveway though he helped us chase down Trigger and Gracie who escaped from our gate flying open because of some strong wind. 

So he may or may have not gotten poison ivy. {We offer tons of adventures for friends...ha}

Thankfully, Gracie and Trigger didn't take too long to find, and although they were muddy, they were happy to come home.

Especially when they started smelling what Rob was cooking for us.

We had a feast. I was too excited and started digging into the salad before I took a picture. {I even forgot to put the mushrooms and onions on top of the steak}.

Dinner was AMAZING. Thanks Rob for making dinner over at our house - we are still talking about how we loved it.

Also, if you guys know, Travis has bad luck with poison ivy. Immediately after getting home, Travis took enough Benadryl to knocked him out (the carbs probably didn't help either since he barley ever eats carbs now) and was basically falling asleep at the dinner table.

Thankfully, Rob understood, but still made Travis get into the hot tub after dinner, since that was their plan to celebrate their last final.

Travis passed out soon afterwards. Because you know, a final, chasing after two crazed dogs, trying to escape poison ivy, cooking, eating carbs, and going hot-tubbing (is that even a word?) does that sort of thing to you.

We are all just glad finals are over, and very thankful to be half way through the program.


  1. I remember all the celebrations I had had through the years to celebrate finishing finals and classes. It is the best feeling. Congrats to your husband!

    1. It is a big accomplishment! He is pretty excited about it all (and so am I because I get to spend more time with him!)

      <3 Ash


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