Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tatum Turned 4!

When we first started looking to grow our family {with fur babies}, we knew what we wanted: a female, black, purebred lab. What we fell in love with a male, white, mutt (as they claimed on his paperwork: a Pointer mix).

We fell in love the second they brought him in. He was sooo cute, so excited to see us, and was just adorable.

We celebrate his birthday on May 5th every year, and this year, he turned a big whopping 4 years old. Turning 4 is a big deal, so I wanted to make him a dog cake.

I found this recipe thanks to Pinterest, and recreated it. {I used 3 bananas instead since I didn't have the oats, and instead of carob chips, I used these training treats found at Petsmart to sprinkle on top}.

All I can say is that the dogs stayed in the kitchen the entire time while I was making it. Tatum knew that it was something special, because while we waited it to cool, he stood in the kitchen, looking back in the living room where we were sitting and gave us his sad pouty look as if he was saying, "Mom and Dad, I really want some..."

As soon as I started decorating the cake, you could see the salivating process taking place with all the dogs. It was a drooling massacre. 

Tatum: "Why are you making me wait?"

I'm pretty sure he ate his piece 
of cake in 3 seconds tops.

Everyone was so excited.

The cake was HUGE and there was a lot of left overs, making any time we opened the fridge, there would be Bubba (Tatum) starting his drooling routine (poor Tatum - it would be such a tease sometimes!)

Tatum was nice enough to share some of the remaining of the cake with the dogs at the shelter (which they all loved too!) Of course, with all the excitement, I forgot to take their picture as well.

And I'm pretty sure, Trig and Gracie are begging for their birthday to be soon so they can get a cake too! 

They are not spoiled or anything. Ha.


  1. Oh my gosh... you are the cutest fur momma!! Such a fun idea to make a cake :)

    1. Aww thank you Courtney!! :) They are my babies! BTW, I checked out your blog and LOVE it :) Very nice!

      <3 Ash


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