Thursday, May 29, 2014

Our Summer Bucket List

Summer is almost among us! We cannot wait! We have never once created a summer bucket list before (what were we thinking?!), but we have decided that this should be our little family tradition before every summer hits (maybe even winter too!). We sat down and thought of everything we wanted to do.

Travis really wants to go to a water park since the words "Summer Bucket List" were muttered and has mentioned it every day since. He makes me laugh.

We also want to explore something in East Tennessee, even though we're not really sure what we want to do just yet. Any suggestions?

"In summer, the song sings itself"
-William Carlos Williams


  1. I love Shiloh! I haven't been there in years though, I'm on a little road trip this weekend and we just drove past Shiloh which had me thinking about it before you mentioned it. And I don't know about east Tennessee, I hear Ruby falls is pretty cool :)

    1. Jealous that you are on a road trip - you have fun! :) Maybe there will be pictures posted of the road trip on your blog? ;) Drive safe!

      I'm so glad you love Shiloh since you know all the good places to go! LOL. I looked online too and found Ruby Falls - it looks AWESOME. That may be the place to go - I will mention it to Trav :) Thanks!

      <3 Ash


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