Friday, May 9, 2014

A Story: My Mom's Encounter

Part of having a blog, is that it is my own journal of things that I want to remember. I don't write things to impress you or to make you believe certain things. My blog is my own thoughts so I can remember things one day. 

Lately, I've been wanting to ask friends/family to write down certain things that is meaningful/something special that they remember so that I can know how they were feeling and or reflect on that moment, or share it with our kids. {So you may see more stories once in a while that I ask others to write}.

One of the things I asked my mom to write about was her encounter with a person that came up to her and started speaking with her. Again, this is not to make you believe in certain things, but this is what happened to my mom. You can believe whatever you want, again, this is just a summary of what my mom wrote down from her own memories.

So if you ask me if I believe in spirits? I say yes. Do I think they are around us? Yes. Do I think they are watching over us? Yes. Do I personally feel them? No, not really. However, when I had my accident, I felt like someone was there protecting me. And the other day while I was driving Big Red around, I put my hand down on the passenger side and felt like my grandpa was holding it. Do I believe in Medium's? ...I guess? I believe in my mom's experience and know that there are others like it. However, I don't think I would ever pay to see one because there are too many frauds out there and I still feel as though as I am a skeptic myself.

So here is in my mom's own writing about her encounter. 



I went with my mom and my sister, Pam, to Connecticut for my Uncle Dick's funeral in 2006.  After the funeral we all went over to my Aunt Kay's house.  There were a lot of people there I didn't know, I just knew my family members.  While I was there, a lady came up to me and asked me if my dad was in spirit?  I must of had a confused look on my face, so then she asked if my dad has passed on?  I said yes,  she proceed to tell me that she was not a psychic, but she did everything by energy.  She asked me if Pam was my sister, which I answered yes. She said my dad was there and dancing all around her and wanted me to know nothing was wrong with her (Pam had an accident at her work which she claimed was a serious injury, although we didn't believe it was as bad as she was claiming).  She also told me she didn't know what I believed in, but my dad was in a very happy place.   I noticed she had a cross on, so I knew she believed in God. She also told me my dad had chosen me to take care of everything and to keep the family together (which I was the executor of their estate).  It was really weird how she knew all these things, but I felt so happy just to be talking to her. 
While we were outside, a squirrel ran across the yard and it looked like it had a baby in it's mouth. She asked me if I saw that, which at first I didn't even notice it, but then I did as I looked closer.  I can't remember exactly what she told me next, but I think she said  my dad was using that squirrel as an example, that just like that squirrel, we eventually have to leave the nest(our family) and the rest of us would need to be strong and we would all be ok.  We then ended up going into the house and went into the dining room when all of a sudden it got so cold and I got goose bumps on my arm. She asked if I felt that, which of course I did; she told me it was the spirits way of saying they were there.  She also told me that she kept seeing flowers and wanted to know if my dad was a gardener?  I just started smiling and said my dad's last name was Gardner.  She also said she kept seeing something on a pair of shoes and wanted to know if there was something that he always had on his shoes, at that time I could not think of anything.  {When I got home, I told my other sister, Meg, and she said, "Don't you remember dad used to always have that tassel on his loafer shoes that he wore to church?"  I couldn't believe it, there's no way she could of known that.}  

One thing I do know is my dad and my Uncle always had fun together, I can always remember whenever they were together how they always laughed...  It was so cute and it would made me laugh.  So I thought why wouldn't my dad be here, it would be the perfect time. I know I didn't want that lady to leave that day (I can't remember her name).  I hugged her, not wanting her to leave and wished she could of stayed forever and tell me all about my dad. 

Another thing she told me when she left was you know you can talk to angels. It brought tears to my eyes.  I still keep wondering how she could of known all that stuff except that my dad was really there.  I just keep waiting for when I'll experience something like that for my mom and brother but I think that was probably a once in a life time experience.   

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