Thursday, April 3, 2014

This & That

*Shelly and Noah came to visit. :)
*Trav is seriously thinking about joining the Reserves, and is starting the process of talking to a recruiter this week.
*I tried a yoga class for the first time - I can cross that off my bucket list (and add it too... haha!)
*Did my first photo session of the year.
*Family will be coming in town this week.
*Mowed the lawn for the first time this year! (Only the front though  - which like everyone else's in our neighborhood - is covered in weeds)

The Beginner's Guide to {Deep} Cleaning {LOVE this site! I can't wait to do this - after everyone comes in town. Yes, I should have done it before, but... like most things, I wait until the last minute, or do it at another time}

We haven't done much cooking this week since our friends were in town. We've done a lot of eating out (and although I feel bad about it) - not having to cook and eat INCREDIBLE food all week - is well.. a joy in life.

However, Trav did cook some steaks outside that were pretty amazing for being on manager special. It was fun to sit outside and enjoy the weather. We def. need to eat outside more often and use the grill that Tyler and Caroline are letting us borrow since they can't have one in their apt complex.

I LOVE yoga! At first, I couldn't help but snicker to myself because of how I probably looked. I didn't think that I would actually be able to relax because I am a pretty tense person, but by the end, I felt so much pressure released.


Got (love - yup, that's what I call them because they are sent with love) letters from two friends this week - Kayla and Kate. I am so blessed beyond words to have such sweet, caring friends that make everyone around them feel so special.

Friends/Family Updates:
*My dad had a kidney stone. He had to have surgery on Tuesday to remove one, but there is another one in his gall bladder. He will need to see a specialist for that one.
*Kate will be having an ultrasound next week! Although she will be finding out the gender of the baby (she will be excited either way), she is more concerned about finding out if the baby is healthy. 
*Shannon and her family will be moving into a different place this week. I'm so excited for them :)

To put my first session up on the webpage for 2014!

Happiness is:
Having wonderful people in your life.

Watching the sunset with good friends.

Jammin' to:
Let Her Go - Passenger {Could listen to this song a million times over}

Father Surprises His Daughter with Walking Her Down the Aisle {This made me bawl my eyes out. Love that a father was willing to do this with his daughter to have that special moment with her. So, so, so sweet. I would be able to photograph moments like this, however, I think I would be crying right with them.}

This dress. 
I am not a person who usually wears a lot of color (wish I was), AND I honestly never felt comfortable in a long dress, but.. this dress made me feel incredible. And no, I didn't get it because at this time, it's too much money. However, it is $40 at Maurice's (in case you might be interested!)

My motivation is gone for working out and eating healthy this week and we might as well say for this next week. My motivation right now is trying to catch up on some zzzZzZZz's.

News this Week:
*Washington Mud Slide update
*Pyramid Tomb entrance discovered
*Obamacare sign ups
*Still not sure what happened to the Malaysian flight. But here is the last words that were heard.
*Fort Hood had another shooting. 

Obsessed with:
Beautiful weather. Sad to see that it is supposed to rain most of the week. Everyone feels better when the weather is nice.

Prayer Requests:
*For those who are protecting our country, including my handsome cousin Matthew who is overseas.
*Lyndie and her family as they are going through the adoption process. The adoption process isn't an easy one, but they are eager to be matched with a little boy.
*Kate (Steven) and Emily (Michael) for peace and comfort.
*Baby S to continue to grow strong and healthy (and for him/her to show their parts in 3 weeks for the ultrasound to know if it is a boy or a girl!)
*For a friends family - trying to keep the pieces together.
*My dad had a kidney stone. He had to have surgery on Tuesday to remove one, but there is another one in his gall bladder. He will need to see a specialist for that one.
*Families of those in Fort Hood. Can't even imagine what they are going through.

Note: I hate going into our shed. There are bugs, snakes, and probably mice in there. Travis told me to get a shovel out of there, so I open the shed up and stomp my feet in the shed (so if anything was hiding - it would scurry out). The shovel was all the way in the back, so I reached for it and as I grabbed it - something flew my face. Naturally a high pitched scream managed to come out of my mouth as I ran out of the shed. Trav watches me and from the distance tries to see what was going on. After running out I realized it was just a moth. "A moth was after me!" A little over reaction I guess, but Trav was laughing for minutes afterwards (no joke).

Reading Deuteronomy :) Let me tell you: it is so much easier to understand than Numbers. AND, there are so many great words and quotes, that I'm honestly putting my highlighter to good use.

Soul Mate:
Trav will be talking to a recruiter today about joining the Army Reserves. He has always wanted to do something in the military since before I've even met him. And right now, it would be perfect timing. Prayers will be much appreciated.

This week we learned about being salt in the world: aka a "salty person". Sounds bad, but, it means that you add flavor to the world. People look forward to you. As we were listening to the sermon, all I could think of was, "I need to be more salty" I mean, I would have never said that before.

As we left church, we headed to our car. Trav held my hand and told me basically, "You are the salt in the world". I honestly looked at him so confused because I don't feel that way. When I think of a "salty" person, I think of Trav: he is willing to do anything for anyone. "You make people feel so special when you see them," Trav informed me. 

Thanks babe. :) I feel the same way about you. And thanks for making me feel so special and that although I may not see it, you (and hopefully others) see it as well.

This week, and always, I will try to be more salty in this world :)

(Not) Understanding:
We love having people come and visit, don't get me wrong - getting out of routine is easy, but at the end of the week, I don't understand how we have so much laundry and how the house is so dirty. I'm not talking about the guests, I'm talking about Trav and I. We try to keep the house up when we have people over, but it still looks like a mad house. LOL.

Hoping to volunteer sometime today! :) I really love being able to make the dogs treats and being able to talk to them. I believe some of them really know if I am talking to them.

Finally found a zumba video I LOVE. I cannot recommend this video enough - even though I only got to do the first 40 minutes because I was dying of sweat. I love Zumba because it is so fun and doesn't even feel like a workout. And with this video, Heather (the instructor) makes it so much fun, I feel like I'm in her class with being able to see her clearly, in the own privacy of my home, AND, Heather seems to have an awesome fun personality - making you become addicted to it! Awesome. She has her workout videos on her webpage if you'd like to check them out.

X {Random):
Got a newer litter at Sam's club because they stopped carrying the one I usually get. Purnia Lightweight Litter has great reviews, but I couldn't stand it. It was stuck all in Jax's paws and although I have a mat for extra litter that may come out of the litter box, it would still end up everywhere in the house. I would never recommend it.

Also, Trav and I took Shelly and Noah to Memphis on a Sunday. We really enjoyed it and had such a great time. There weren't a lot of people there (I get anxious in crowds), and we enjoyed exploring. Loved seeing the river (sad, but true, I didn't even know there was a river close by) and listening to the jazz music. It is such a small town feeling in a big town. I think that's what makes it so awesome. If I had to live in a city, I don't think I would mind living there.

Youtube Videos that you Need to Watch:
Poo Pourri {Oh my... LOL}

(Our) Zoo:
We took Gracie for a walk the other day. You guys, this is HUGE. She doesn't know what a collar or leash is, and when she sees it comes, she is terrified. She didn't want to move and if she did, she slipped out of the collar and than the harness as well. So we actually put them all together and the leash held them together. Although it was probably super uncomfortable and she fought with us about going, as soon as we went down one street, she finally relaxed. She looked happy, although she was scared of seeing people play basketball and of cars zipping through the neighborhood. But she did it, and she actually liked it. However, putting the things on her again, she may freak out, but maybe she'll eventually not hide every time when we go to put her leash on.

She also enjoyed some steak as we were pretty much done with it, and I was cleaning the dishes up. She jumped up and gobbled it down before I turned around. Was expecting her to get sick in the middle of the night, but thankfully her stomach is a champ, and she has had no reaction to it.

Trig and Tatum probably wished they would gotten to the steak first. LOL. 

Jax has been pretty loving lately and always wants to snuggle up to his daddy.

Payson has been sneaking into the garage lately. The other day came home and found him in the garage. Pretty scary because the end result could have ended much worse. I am hoping that scared Payson into not wanting to go into the garage, but he sneaks out there when the door is open.

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