Friday, April 4, 2014

Finding the Right One

Before meeting Trav, I wasn't in a good relationship. After closely watching friends relationships, I finally realized that this relationship wasn't a great one. {Note: If you're in a bad relationship and you think for some reason they will eventually get better within time, they don't.} Many were surprised about the break up because I hid many things about how the relationship truly was.

After Mr. M found out about what happened with the break-up, he asked the question:

"Do you know how you found the right one?"

I shook my head no, as I listened carefully to the words that I would never forget.

"When you think that person deserves someone so much 
better than you, but they choose to still be 
with you anyway."

These words are so true. Especially in a relationship because you're not perfect. You're going to make silly mistakes. But that person will love you with all your mistakes and with everything they have.

But what you really need to find the right one is God.

I had fun on the dating scene for a little bit, but I wanted a more serious commitment {a happy one}. Previously, I didn't talk to God that much: it was sad to say, but my focus wasn't on God. That needed to change. 

I prayed and told God that I would be patient. I would wait for whoever he chose to be in my path, because after all, it is all in his plan. What I really needed was a man who knew the Lord.

Soon afterwards, I was told about this guy named Travis. I went on a first date and fell instantly and madly in love with him. (You can read more about our first date here.)

It is in God's timing.

Travis and I could have met in so many different ways:

*We only lived 5 minutes away from each other.
*We should have went to the same elementary school, but the year I moved to the area, the school system changed the school's borders, making me end up going to a school a little further.
*We could have went to the same middle school, but again, the road that we lived on different sides of, was the border line for each middle school.
*We went to the same high school. However, there were about 700 people that graduated with us. We had some of the same friends, and one of my friends had a crush on him, but for some reason, she either never pointed him out to me, or if she did, I didn't pay attention. Imagine though, we sat in the same lunch room, probably at least one time together, but didn't even know each other.
*We both attended Kate's wedding. We sat a table away. We have a picture together where his date is crossed out, and you can see us both.
*We went to a friend's bonfire, but when he arrived, I was leaving. We did say a brief hi to each other as a friend introduced us, but I was in a hurry to get somewhere else.

If it wasn't for God's great timing, we could have never even met, or, if we did meet each other before the time that God wanted us to meet, we could have very well ended up not together. 

How do I know that Trav is the one for me?

Travis is my answered prayer. 

He deserves so much better than me, and he still chooses to be with me. He treats me like I'm something he doesn't want to lose, loves me unconditionally, and would do anything for me without hesitation. He deserves someone so, so, so much better than me. He is much more than I could have ever even dreamed of. God put him in my path to love and to cherish. Most importantly, we value God above all and seek him through our relationship.

Although I felt like I wasted three years with someone, but without that guy, I would have never characteristics that I wanted in a man. I would have never appreciated the small things (one thing that Trav reminds me of because he is so thankful for that). I would have know that happiness existed in relationships. I would have never known what true love looks like. I think God wanted me to be in that relationship, so I could realize that when he placed Trav in front of me, I knew he was going to be different. I knew he was going to be the right one.

God knows so much. He knows the perfect timing for everything. He will bless you. Have faith in God's timing. 

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  1. I love this post. And I love you! I'm SO happy you found someone who is so good to you, Ashley! You totally deserve it! I miss your face and am glad things are going well! (I just caught up on your blogs since March haha) I will be praying for you and Travis so he makes the right decision for both of you about the reserves too! :) XoXo

    1. Awwww thanks Bri! :) I can't thank you enough for the sweet words. Things are going great. I miss you too! Hope things are going well for you as well. Thank you for praying about the Reserves decision with us. I will be posting a blog post about what we found out soon. xoxoxoxo.

      <3 Ash

      <3 Ash


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