Sunday, April 6, 2014

Elf Makeup

After noticing that my makeup hasn't been lasting very long, but not really sure on how long it has been lasting, I decided to test it out today to see how long it actually lasted.

I applied makeup before attending church. After the service and going out to breakfast afterwards, I got home (just about three hours afterwards) and noticed that my makeup that I had on my face completely disappeared. Only three hours??!!! Can you imagine how many people I have been scaring with my makeup disappearing in just a couple of hours?! 

I need help fast!

I did some makeup research online to see what would be better makeup than what I would have. With Trav at school, we are on a tight budget, so I can't afford much. So I started researching some makeup stuff for the past couple of weeks.

But I have been hearing great things about Elf makeup. After going to numerous places trying to find it locally yesterday with no luck (they do have it at Target - but the shelf that they had it on waiting for a part to come in), I got online to the Elf website. Right now they are having a special until tomorrow (sorry for the late notice) where they are giving you 55 pieces (a $21 value) for free with a purchase of $25.

You can't beat that right? So I talked the husband into letting me get some things so I can test it out. I've watched a couple of videos of reviews on the elf products to see what things I should get:

I am beyond excited and can't wait to tell ya'll how it goes :)

I have decided to get:

(I ordered this in Light Beige)

(I ordered this in St. Lucia)

(I ordered this in Medium)

(To apply Brow Kit)

(I ordered this in Champagne) 

Concealer Brush Blush/Bronzer Brush
Foundation Brush
Blending Eye Brush
Smudge Eye Sponge
Eye Liner Brush
Total Face Brush
Eyelash & Brow Wand
Lip Defining Brush
Brow Comb & Brush
Eyeshadow Brush

Eyelash curler
Lengthening and Defining Mascara
Eyeshadow Brush
Liquid Eyeliner (in black)
Eyeshadow (you can choose which color - I got smokey) 

*April Showers Kit:* (Free with $25 purchase. Through 4.7.14)
Hypershine Gloss
Waterproof Mascara
Matte Lip Color
Baked Blush
Little Black Beauty - Warm Eye Edition
Glitter Nail Polish
Baked Highlighter

All for a total of $28!($34.95 w/ tax)!!! You can't beat that! Yes, I know with two different sets, I will be getting 2 eyeshadow brushes.. but that isn't bad.

I am hoping that since I am new at all this (and have never ordered makeup online) that I made a good starter decision. 

And... maybe if I like these products, I think I may want to try:

*Mineral Eye Shadow Primer $3 (they say to get this in sheer)
*Essential Glitter Primer $2
*Studio High Definition Undereye Powder - in sheer $3
*Essential Dramatic Lash Kit $1

*Elf Pout Protector $3
*Essential Lip Balm Tint $2 (Nude & Berry)
*Mineral Lipstick $5
*Studio Lip Exfoliator $3
*Studio Lip Stain $3

*Essential Tone Correcting Concealer $1
*Studio Flawless Finish Foundation -in sand $6
*Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer $6 
*Studio Moisturizing Foundation Stick $6
*Studio Blush $3(want them in all colors!)
*Studio Makeup Mist & Set $6

*Essential Eye Crease Brush $1
*Mineral Powder Brush $3
*Studio Complexion Brush $3
*Studio Stipple Brush $3
*Studio Small Precision Brush $3
*Studio Kabuki Face Brush $6

Cleaning Products:

*Studio Daily Brush Cleaner $3
*Studio Makeup Remover Cleaning Cloths $3

I really think I am going to love this! I really don't want to be disappointed.

Have you used Elf Makeup? If so, what do you love/hate?


  1. I really really love ELF makeup! The eyeshadows are awesome and I often use the powder foundation as well. I can't recommend enough that you get the $1 eyelid primer - this makes your eyeshadow stay on without creasing. It is a serious godsend!!

    1. Thanks babe! :) I am so excited! I actually got online today and saw that they were having a "secret sale" I was so excited because it was supposed to be 50% off an order. So I loaded up the cart and applied the code and was disappointed that it was for only $10 max off. :( Sad day! What other makeup of Elf do you recommend?

      <3 Ash


Thanks for being so lovely! :)