Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekly Meal & Workout Plan

This week's weekly plan looks a little different. This is because although I plan for each day, I usually mix things around. Also, some of the plans that I have are sometimes repetitive. In a sad way, I think it's that way, because if I like something, I will eat it until I don't like it. Lately, it's been the egg and sausage sandwich - they were expensive and now I have to find something else  to eat in a quick fix.

Lunges (do at gym)
Abs (Youtube Video)
Muffin Top (Youtube Video)
Walk Dogs
Couples Yoga

Panera Bread Bagel (split w/ hubby)
Eggs & Sausage
Banana Quesadilla
(You pick Fri-Sun)

(Whatever you choose)

(You pick Fri-Sun)

Snack Ideas:
Peppers w/ Ranch
2 TBS of peanut butter
Graham Crackers
Apples with PB dip
(You pick Fri-Sun)

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Like I said, I haven't been following my plan exactly and when I got on the scale, I was surprised to see that it said it was 138. That is -12 pounds from Jan 9th when I weighed in at 150. Wwwwhhaaattt???

I squealed with excitement. Trav is doing great too! He's at 200 pounds.

...And.. I can tell you, I feel sooooo much incredibly better. I have so much energy. I can walk around the neighborhood twice without feeling out of breath. That is a big accomplish because last summer I couldn't walk around once without getting out of breath.

I love that Trav pushes me. Today, he forced me to do squats, run, and lunges after our workout in the gym. Our legs will be killing these next couple days. And what did we do afterwards?

We went to Panera Bread and shared a bagel with cream cheese and a frozen carmel. You guys, it was sooo good. I miss Panera soooo much and could literally eat a bagel from there every morning (and lets be real - probably lunch and dinner as well).

I think the main reason I am loosing weight is because my lifestyle has changed. I don't eat cookies all day long. I try to eat more protein and stay away from the fast food (although it does happen). I am trying to exercise for at least 20 minutes a day. With the sun out more, it means more walks for the dogs and I. But if I actually ate healthy before this and exercised, I wouldn't be loosing this weight as fast as I am now (also, I probably wouldn't look the way as I do now).

I can tell mostly in my legs and stomach. I will have Trav take a picture later this week just so I can make comparisons. Trav says he mostly sees it in my face (thanks babe, thanks. If that doesn't make you feel good - I don't know what would). 

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