Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Trig Wiggy is full of Love

Trig was adopted. We are not sure about anything about his past. We don't have any puppy pics, medical records, or any knowledge of what happened to him.

We however, do know that he had multiple owners. Before us, they told us that he was given to them from a friend who found him. We also learned that he used to run away a lot, so we can't even imagine how many different houses he has been in.

We are pretty sure that Trig was abused from the way he cowards in certain situations. As well as attacked by another dog from all the scars on his face. But, we also believe he was at least loved by some person, because he knows how to play fetch. And LOVES it.

Trig also knows how to give love. When I first found him, he jumped me and licked me on my face. He loves people and kids. Actually, he adores kids - and gives enough free kisses that they usually get annoyed with him.

Trig may not like other animals that he doesn't know when we're taking a walk - maybe it was because he was roaming around and attacked by another dog, maybe for some other reason. However, if you bring a new dog into our house and he knows we have approved, he just wants to play.

When we brought the cats into the house, he panicked the first couple nights when we locked them out of the bedroom. He would whimper because he wanted to make sure that they were okay since it was their first night (and didn't understand why the cats couldn't sleep in the room like them) - and would fall asleep laying next to the door. When we would open it in the morning, he would have to burst out of the room, find the cat, and sniff it and not leave it's side until he knew they were okay and that they made it through the night.

One day I wasn't feeling well (like really not feeling good) and found myself "hugging the toilet". Trig was right next to me making sure I was okay. He would not leave my side (and to be honest, I didn't want him to). He gave me plenty of kisses for the night as to way to say, "I hope you feel better momma".

I told Travis that when we have kids, Trig's will be the one laying in their bedroom, not wanting to leave their side. He will be their protector, and the one who makes sure that they are okay every step of the way. If something is wrong, I, 100% believe that Trig will somehow let me know.

I also think that if I am able to get pregnant, that Trig will be watching over me. If I'm sick, he'll want to cuddle after I go to lay down, if I get up, he'll probably follow me to the next room.

I tell Trav that I'm excited to have Trig around for these one-day moments (Tatum too, but we knew Tatum was going to be with us for the rest of our lives - we had no clue what a blessing Trig would be when he surprised us with coming into our lives). Travis loves Trig too, but often pulls away from Trig when Trig is showing too much affection.

The other night, Travis wasn't feeling well good. This is a very rare occurrence because Travis usually never complains about not feeling well, OR, wakes me up to tell me.

The minute that Trig sensed something was wrong, he went on Trav's side of the bed and tried to show him affection. Even though Trav wasn't feeling it at the moment, Trig backed away and waited. He made sure Travis was feeling a little better, and fell asleep laying next to him on his side of the bed.

Trav loved it. When he woke up in the morning he gave Trig a big hug and told him, "Thanks for watching over me Trig. You're sweet" and gave him a kiss. It seriously melted my heart.

That, my friends, is true love.

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