Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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Kate and Steven came to visit this past week (of course we forgot to take a picture), BUT, it was great to see them! We went to a Mexican restaurant (which I haven't had in FOREVER, and I was out-eating the pregnant woman!)

We are also blessed to find out how busy we are some of these upcoming weekends. We have family and friends coming to visit us in the near future :)

Simply Taralynn {This girl is a true inspiration - can't wait to try out some of her recipes!}
Hello Gorgeous {I will take her clothing style any day}
Holistic Homemaking {There are so many things that I want to learn about and make my own!}

I'm honestly been craving Mexican since I've had it last, so turkey taco's you sound delish! You can check out my meal plan for this week here.

I am truly in love with Doterra Oils and fan of things that can help heal things naturally. See more under {wellness}. 


I know people say to live in the moment, and trust me, I have been learning to. But, I think in two years, our live will be so much different. We will be in a different location. Trav will have a job.  We will be living a married couple instead of a wife married to a husband who is married to school. And in five years, we might {hopefully} will be parents. I think that's going to the biggest adventure of my life, and that will be the best time of my life.

Friends/Family Updates:
Did you catch that I am out-eating the pregnant woman??! 

I am so excited to announce that my best friend Kate is PREGNANT!! I have been holding this secret way too long. On April 7th, she is finding out if it is a boy or girl. I simply cannot wait to spoil this sweet little one!!!! This little baby is going to be a blessing to the world.

My friend, Lisa, signed up for her first 5k. I am so incredibly happy for her! Also, perhaps a tad jealous, because I so want to do that, but in no shape to. Maybe one day.

Little Megan turned 5! Celebrated at Chuck E Cheese's! Shelly's birthday was today as well (and I get to celebrate with her in a couple of weeks - it might be belated, but so worth it!)

A cutie patooty lost a tooth this week!

Ken got his cast on today after breaking his ankle. He also got to go out to eat for the first time in two weeks (he's been pretty much home bound since he can't put any weight on his foot). He is probably going stir-crazy, so this is a big step!

Get back on track with my health and workout plan.

Happiness is:
Longer days (although it takes some adjusting to the time change!) I feel like I can accomplish so much more when there is daylight still coming into the windows/surrounding me.

Flowers are starting to bloom here! :) That can only mean one thing: Spring is on it's way!!

Jammin' to:
Cruise - Florida Georgia Line ft Nelly. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Last year it was the best, but when I heard it, I honestly rolled my windows down and turned the music enjoying the sun blaring. I don't think I could ever get sick of this song. Although, I'm not really a fan of the video, but it isn't it bad when you got Nelly in it :)

And.. I never thought I would say this, but Spears sister sings?
Jamie Lynn and to be honest, I really like it :) And never would I have guessed that she would be singing. And I feel as though she is more adult like in her videos than her own sister. I wish her all the best :)

When people are giving. There are many sweet people out there, although sometimes I have a hard time finding them. For example, someone asked about the charities at our work. They then said they would like to donate $100 to our charity because they love the idea behind it. Talk about awesome! One day, I hope to pay it forward like that to an awesome charity.

Having my husband surprise me by coming home early. I cannot get enough of him.

Honestly, beautiful mornings and being waken up with wet sloppy kisses (from the fur balls of course). And getting up is so much better when they are ready to start the day. And of course, getting kisses from the husband (and they aren't sloppy) are just as sweet <3

News this Week:
*Indiana and the midwest is supposed to get yet another snow storm. Perhaps 4-8 inches. Mother Nature, aren't you tired of all this weather and people complaining? 
*There was a Malaysia jet that disappeared.
*Yatsenyuk demanded Russian President Vladimir Putin "tear down this wall — the wall of war, intimidation and military aggression. Let's stop. Let's calm down."

Obsessed with:
*Skinny Cow's Mint Sandwiches = Travis and I got for last Sunday for our dessert, and let me tell you, put that sucker in the oven for a couple seconds and it will make your mouth water.

Prayer Requests:
*For Lyndie and her family as they are going through the adoption process. The adoption process isn't an easy one, but they are eager to be matched with a little boy.
*For Kate (Steven) and Emily (Michael) for peace and comfort.
*For baby S to continue to grow strong and healthy (and for him/her to show their parts in 3 weeks for the ultrasound to know if it is a boy or a girl!)
*For Kate's friends who were involved in a car accident - pray for their healing.
*For Mary Beth - guidance to direct her on where you want her to be, especially about her career.
*For Rebecca's grandma - who is showing some signs of improvement! :)

*"Do you know what it is like to have a Lilley on your back? It's rough" - Boss man referencing me, since I tell him things that need to be done at work. LOL. Trav would agree with this.

*"Does she make a list for everything?!" - Rob asking Trav while I was at work.
Yes, Rob, I do. You can quit making fun of me now. LOL.

I am still in Numbers as I read the Bible. Not going to lie, some of it makes me really confused and I don't understand how the Bible goes from the Old Testament to the New Testament. I just read where they stoned some man to death. That makes me honestly confused.

Soul Mate:
Trav is doing well. He loves his clinical site - and from what I understand, they love him. He stayed late for the past couple days, and they LOVED that, letting him leave early today. Which equaled a nice surprise for me. 

Also, we realized that he is basically at his half way mark through school. This time next year, he will probably be interviewing, we will begin the process of putting the house on the market, and Spring will be in the air. Next year, may be our last spring here in Tennessee!

I am loving the idea of trying home remedy's and more natural things. I plan on making this lip sugar scrub this week.

(Not) Understanding:

Why the world can be so cruel sometimes. It breaks my heart to watch the news and see all these stories of someone being killed, or some senseless act that someone committed. I don't know if I will ever understand it.

The babies at the animal shelter aren't feeling good and have been given medication. So that means the doggies weren't able to go on a walk this week. I'm sad for them, but if it's for their own good, than I am for it. I gave them lots of homemade treats today and talked to them. They just need some love and attention. Also, someone dropped off 3 week old pit bull puppies because their mom got hit by a car. They weren't feeding well because they are confused being taken away from their momma. I am hoping that they will get better soon.

As I said, I am discovering more natural ways to cure things.

I burned myself the other day as I grabbed a really hot plate. I put doterra oil (lavender) on it, and the pain went away and the healing process took over. By later that day, I didn't even feel it and it my finger looked much better.

Also, I have been getting a rash on my stomach that appears once in a while (always in the same place). I believe it's because of the one belt I wear almost daily. I read somewhere that coconut oil does amazing things with skin issues. So I put it on and today it seems like it is almost already healed.

Jax looks like he has been fighting a UTI and although we've been fighting these for a while now, I decided to check online to see what's out there to see if there is a more natural remedy than having to see the vet every time for one of these. (Last time we took him, they told us that they would have to put him asleep to get some urine because he is strong willed. Then they wanted to know why he doesn't want to be touched and to do x-rays as well. After looking at the xrays they declared he needed his leg to be amputated. And after all that, they couldn't even get any urine). We had to get someone else to look at his xray and they said his leg is fine and that it is basically crazy that someone even recommended it in the first place. So... basically... finding a vet that isn't expensive AND does awesome work... isn't likely found here in town).  We are going to try the apple cider vinegar remedy. Also, it says  that it can also help relieve joint swelling and pain, so maybe that will help! I'll update you later to let you know how it is going.

X {Random)
I like big butts and I cannot lie. LMAO. Sorry.. at the moment, I am very tired and right now my brain is about to shut down because it needs 1.) a lime-a-rita or 2.) to go to bed. I am thinking the first choice might be the best one.

Youtube Videos that you Need to Watch:
Dannon {a makeup artist that I so wish I could look like}

Kid President {Oh my gosh, this kid is the cutest! And his videos are wonderfully funny. :) }

(Our) Zoo:
The dog fur babies are seeming to do well :) With Trig, I let him off leash to run around close by while we took a walk in the woods. He LOVES it. However, today, he decided to take off. Tatum and I frantically searched for him, thinking that maybe he got hurt, BUT... as soon as I headed back on the trail there he was in front of like "what are you doing?"

Jax has a UTI, so we are going to try to cure it with apple cider vinegar. Payson also hasn't been feeling well, but they are eating, and sometimes, everyone has a day where they don't feel good, but I'm sure they'll be back to normal in no time :)

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