Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Little Bit of Hope

I've asked God to help me see the things he sees, hears the things he hears, and speak the way he would like to be spoken. 

In a day, I saw things in a different way at work. I felt like God really opened my eyes to see people in a more loving light.

*A father and daughter came up to the register to check out. She had  a piece of paper in her hands. As I looked down, I saw that she drew a map (like a treasure map) of places that they needed to go, and at each place, she wrote down what they needed. So clever. I told her how much I liked her map and told her father what a great idea it was while she crossed the store off of her list. He stated that this is one of the things they do on their "daddy-daughter" dates. My smile couldn't get any bigger because you don't often see this. I hope that we(and or Trav) can do this with our kids.

*There was a family that got checked out getting a hamster for their little boy's birthday. I told him "Happy Birthday" although he didn't say much. As they walked away, the mom came back up to my register and told me that, "They were adopting the little boy". She said he was in a foster home since he was just a baby. I hugged her and told her how proud I am of her for doing such a wonderful thing and how interested I am in our family doing it later on down the road. She told me further in detail how her own child is grown, and she owned her own shop, but God told her that she needed to close it. She didn't know what for, but after finding him, she knew God was right. I smiled and said, "That God's plans are bigger than our own." This story literally brought tears to my eyes.

*A little girl was sitting in her cart. It was her birthday as well and she wore a little tiara and a pink tutu dress. She was def. a little princess. But I love how special they made her feel for the day. They gave her a certain amount of money for her birthday and she was able to pick out whatever she wanted. This idea was genius. She got to be a princess for her big day, got to pick out what she wanted, AND, the smart parents gave her a certain amount of money she could spend. I love when parents teach their kids about money at a young age, teaching them responsibility at a young age.

*There was a family who was buying fish. When I told them the total, the almost teenager got money from her purse. When her father told her he could pay for it, she simply stated, "But dad, these are mine. I want to pay for them. You don't have to pay for my stuff." Awesome. This is how I want to teach my own kids. That's incredible.

These people gave me hope in the world. I know some of these things might be silly but they mean a lot to me.

I thank God for letting me see first hand reasons why his son died on the cross - for his people.

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