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Aunt Heidi will be coming here on Saturday night with the three kids! We can't wait to see them! :)

Also, we got a foster pup on Tuesday (read more under zoo)


Crowley Party {she seems like so much fun and such such a joyous personality!}

Buffalo Ranch Chicken - Yums!! (The hubby actually made this and my mouth was watering!)

That this Lemon Pudding Pie recipe is on Pinterest (and I didn't put it on there - first of all, I don't even know how to, LOL). I am flattered, but if I would have known that, I would have taken a better image instead. Also, it makes me wonder how fast other things spread on the web without people knowing. Hmmm. Update: Kate told me about Pin Alerts, which I just registered for :)


Getting text messages like this on your phone :) Sometimes, I don't know if I am doing a good job being a friend - but seeing this makes me feel so much better :) 

P.S. Kate: You are the most awesome person I know. Glad that you're my best friend - just wish we lived a lot closer. I love you. That is all :)

Friends/Family Updates:

Family is coming to town this week! We are so excited! :) Friends are coming in next week.

*Little Ayvah is going to be going to be going to see a specalist, as they think she might have sleep apnea, which disrupts her sleep. If she does have it, than she will have to have surgery. She is turning six this week.

To workout every day M-F.

Happiness is:
Warmer days.

Beautiful sunsets

Jammin' to:
Christian radio. 

To be honest, one of the things I need to work on is judging. There is a guy that sits outside of his house almost every day. He is bald and has tattoos on his head - I just thought he was a little bit more on the rougher side.

The other day I was walking the dogs, and his grandchildren and daughter (in-law?) was outside playing. They started talking right away when they saw Tatum. They were some of the sweetest people I have ever met and I am so glad that they are neighbors!

AND, what does this grandpa do? He makes bird houses! That is the sweetest thing ever, isn't it? When I came by for a second time walking the dogs, he made sure to give me one. I can't wait for Travis to hang it on a tree! 

Again, being a Christian is hard, because I do sin. I judge people before I even speak a word to him. Jesus doesn't want us to judge.

Ashley, shame on you and I hope you learned from this.

Having the babies curled up next to me :)

To get better at taking photos. After all, I just started booking appointments for this year!

News this Week:

*This thing with the missing plane just keeps getting more weird. Things are not adding up. Families are hurt - storming into buildings and demanding answers. The government is slow to come out with new things, as if they are hiding something.
*Indiana is yet supposed to get some more snow. It is almost April!

Obsessed with:
Trying to get little Gracie to come near me without being so fearful.

Prayer Requests:
*For those who are protecting our country, including my handsome cousin Matthew who is overseas.
*For Lyndie and her family as they are going through the adoption process. The adoption process isn't an easy one, but they are eager to be matched with a little boy.
*For Kate (Steven) and Emily (Michael) for peace and comfort.
*For baby S to continue to grow strong and healthy (and for him/her to show their parts in 3 weeks for the ultrasound to know if it is a boy or a girl!)
*For a friends family - trying to keep the pieces together.
*For me, on learning not to judge others because you never know what happened they are and you don't know what kind of people they are until you talk to them.


I just finished Numbers in the Bible. What a read! There are so many things that I don't understand. What is crazy though is that at Trav's grandparents church and the pastor is preaching through Numbers 28 & 29. There are so many things that need to be followed, which if I lived in that day, I don't know if I would remember all of that. Also, there are so many burnt offerings. From "Animal sacrifices have ended because Jesus Christ was the ultimate and perfect sacrifice." You can read more here if you are interested.

Soul Mate:
Trav is hoping he can get a hold of a CRNA in Phoenix. That way he can contact her and let her know that he is interested in a job there. We've been talking a lot about moving to either Phoenix or a place that is warm. We are wanting God to help us with this decision, but we will move wherever he wants us to go.

Cleaning the mattress in the guestroom with doterra oils and baking soda.

(Not) Understanding:
Why people mistreat animals. It's so sad when they are scared of people, or don't even know what a good life is. All fur babies should be spoiled and know what love is.

There is a dog that is waiting to get spayed, but she is getting adopted. Found it cute that her soon-to-be owner, has been coming by daily, and brings her food, treats, and plays with her. Talk about a match made in heaven!

I wish they all get great homes like that - because you know that baby is going to spoiled! I call her baby doll, and told her that I was going to miss her. She tapped her paws on me as saying she was going to miss me too.

The babies at the shelter are feeling better. They don't think it was so much as kennel cough, although they got medication for it, but a virus that must have started. Thankfully, they all are doing much better :)

I love the Doterra Peppermint Oil. It works so well when you have a headache or you are just achy. 

X {Random)
I really thought having Gracie in the home would be a lot easier, but it's so much more difficult. This is because she is scared of EVERYTHING - which includes me. She at least is curious about me, but if I am walking, she is walking backwards to get away from me, or trying to run away from me. However, she did try to jump on the end of the bed today as to say "Good morning" like the other babies do. So it will take some time, I know that, I just thought that she would bond quicker to us.

Youtube Videos that you Need to Watch:
Hope for Paws: These videos always seem to bring me to tears. I bet if you watch one more, you will watch more. Although they are heartbreaking, they always have a happy ending to them. 

(Our) Zoo:

We have a new fur foster baby, named Athena (but we call her Gracie because that's what she looks like). Her brother at the shelter got adopted, and that is the only thing she looked forward to was playing with him. When I tried getting her out to take a walk, she was terrified hiding in a corner. She wouldn't get near me. So I asked about her, she's been there about a year and was found at a dump site with her siblings when they were about 7 weeks old (from my understanding, but they also have so many dogs that their story can get mixed up). She has always been terrified of people, although her brother wasn't.

I saw her brother at work the other day, and he remembered me and gave me eyes like, "please watch over my sister". I know that sounds weird, but I feel like sometimes dogs can communicate with their eyes, or the way they act.

I picked her up on Tuesday. She was again, terrified and wouldn't move. I had to pick her up. I gave her a bath and she again just curled up in the corner. I put her in the kitchen and she pooped and peed out of fear.

I knew she wouldn't be around me, so I introduced her to Tatum and Trig. They all got along great and she follows them around like they are her protectors. I was able to get this picture of her smiling though as she laid by the fire, but I couldn't get close to her. She will come and sniff my hand, and then back away. Bless her heart.

I know the boys will take her under their wing. 

Jax is feeling a lot better, although he doesn't really want to eat his wet food, and rather have dry food. Payson would rather eat the wet food and turns his nose up to the dry food... of course, that's how it would be.

Trav found a basketball in the wood areas by our house. We put it in our backyard and I have found Trig trying to play with it like a soccer ball. What can I say? Trig loves balls! LOL.

Tatum is just being cute as always. It's been getting cold lately at night and he refuses to go to his bed without us tucking him in. He is beyond spoiled.

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  1. That's really cool your recipe is making its way around the web, I'm proud of you :) AND You are an amazing friend don't ever doubt that!


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