Thursday, March 6, 2014

Finding a More Happier, Balanced Me :)

I have always found that I rely on others - usually a little too much. Since Travis has been in school, I just can't rely on him (that's not fair to him because he already has so much on his plate). While he is off studying, at his clinicals or in class, I am off to fend for myself. At first, I didn't know if I would be able to handle it very well - and some of the other wives I talk to aren't handling it well.

But as I look at it now, it gives me "me" time. It may sound selfish, but it gives me time to find things that I love to do to keep myself busy. These things that I am doing now, not only makes me happier, but they are also making me the person who I have always wanted to be.


1.) We found a church that we both really love. We love everything about it and love that it has old traditions mixed in with new ones. We love to hear the pastor talk, it always seems to make you feel more in tune with our Father. We have some really awesome people that attend our church that will always go out of their way to find us and greet us. I have fallen in love with God.

Picture taken by SJ2 Photography
2.) I am married. Some of you may hate me for saying this, but I honestly fall in love more each day with Trav. When we were dating, I was scared that he didn't love me as much as I loved him because he was scared to get married. It's silly to think about now because that wasn't the case at all, but because of my doubting, it probably put a damper on our relationship at some point when we were dating. I am so glad that he is my best friend and I'm so glad that I get to learn something new about him each and every day for the rest of my life. Honestly, I can't imagine my life without him.

2.) I joined a Bible Study Group. I love this because I can talk openly to others about God. Sometimes, I feel like there it is frowned upon in today's society. But I also love having a study group because we can cheer each other on, pray with each other, and watch out for each other.

3.) I hang out with friends. I visit a couple of different friends every week. I feel like this is something you have to do when you don't have family close, or that your husband is always gone. To form strong relationships with friends is a must to keep you happy. And those friends and family that are too far, I try to stay in contact with them at least once a week to see how they are doing. Hearing their voices makes me feel so much better.

4.) I have a job that I LOVE. This was one requirement from Travis that I would have while he was at school. I am blessed enough that I only have to work part time. Otherwise, if I did work full time, I don't know how much I would be able to do the things I enjoyed as much as I do now. Having a job that you look forward to going to is a huge difference than counting down every minute before you can leave for work.

My grandma would be so proud of me reading the bible and that I am using a bookmark with her name on it :)
5.) I read the Bible. You guys, this is HUGE. I actually look forward to going to bed to read about our Father. It just amazes me. Even though most of the time, I end up being confused. I have found that during some of those confusing passages, to turn to another book, or online to get a better understanding of what I just read.

6.) I volunteer. I found myself making treats every week for the animals at the shelter because they are stuck at the shelter until they find their forever home. They seriously live in their lives in a kennel, using a bathroom in it (because there is no where else to go), usually having to eat next to it, and laying on the hard cement floor. They maybe are given a chance to get out for five minutes a day (that is only a maybe). Some of the animals have been there for literally years (one just got adopted there that has been there for 4 years!) and they don't even know what love is. The only thing I can do is to go and visit with them, bring treats, give them kisses, and let out some of them for a short walk. Even though it's not much, I feel as though they are forever thankful. Sadly, you don't get that feeling from people most of the time.

7.) I have a schedule. Travis and I walked into Goodwill and found a schedule that only goes up to June this year. Let me tell ya'll that this has honestly changed my life. I write down all the chores I need to do and cross them off the list when they get completed. So simple, but it makes such a huge difference.

8.) I work out. I hate working out and it is not anything that I consider to be fun, but if I miss out on a workout or two, I feel like I need it. I guess it's a feeling that gives me more of a sense of accomplishment. Oh, and watching Netflix while working out makes your time on machines go by so much faster.

9.) I eat healthier. Finding new things to eat makes you opt to try new things. Who would have guessed that I LOVE sweet potatoes or that an avocado egg salad is to die for? This girl! Plus, that means I get to cook more, which I never used to be a fan of, but when I get to make some things for my husband and to see his expression, makes me happy (even if the expression isn't as good as I hoped). 

10.) I walk the fur babies. It's a great form of exercise to spend quality time with the fur babies (if they aren't dragging you every which way). Plus, to see the beauty of nature and hear the birds chirping always makes me heart happy. Plus, to see them happy and worn out for the day, makes me happy that they got their exercise too.

11.) I keep the house tidy. Never have I been a person to care about our house being clean as so much as I do now. I am starting to become more anxious when I walk into our dirty house. It makes me cringe. Also, I hate doing laundry, but I feel as if I keep up with it more, it won't be so bad (plus, I found out that I don't mind folding laundry, as long as it is outside of our bedroom).

12.) I have monthly/weekly chores. Change the air filter, get the hot tub water tested, mow the yard, etc. Travis doesn't have time for all that, even though when we first moved here, I thought he would find the time. And although he will probably take over most of these chores once he graduates, I actually enjoy doing them knowing that he won't have to worry about it.

Some more things that I am looking forward to starting soon would be:

* Booking appointments for my photography business. I love meeting new people and adore capturing a part of their life.

* Running. Eekkksss! I can't believe I just said that, but you heard me correctly: I am excited about running. My goal is just to run a mile easily, without having to stop every couple of minutes and without me getting so out of breath that I am left gasping for air.

* I want to foster a fur ball. I put an application the other day. I know it would be much more added stress to my plate, but again, after seeing these poor babies in the shelter and how sad their lives are, bringing one home to show them what life is all about, would not only change them, but it would change me too :)

Life is good. 


  1. Your happiness is radiating off this page girl! I am so happy you've found some things you are really enjoying and feeling a bit of balance. Balance is always pretty hard for me and takes a lot of work, so I can appreciate how hard you've been working! I admire you for your work with the animals at the shelter. You have a big heart :)

  2. Thanks Kara :) I wish I have found these things while I was in Arizona! I understand about the balance thing - but it looks like things are going well on your end and I think that balance will come to you more once you get more into a routine with the new job title :) Congrats again on your job promotion! You are awesome :)

    <3 Ash


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