Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Perfect Day

There was a winter storm that came through Tennessee the other night. Sunday night, all we heard before going to bed was the freezing rain hitting the house. This is the worst storm I have seen here so far here. It's not so much the weather, but to be honest, since people don't see snow or ice here often, they can sometimes be  pretty scary drivers(don't worry - I'm including myself in this as well!).

Trav's school was cancelled on Monday, and we weren't surprised to see that it was cancelled again on Tuesday. Luckily, I had Tuesday off as well. 

We were able to sleep in (I almost slept in until 9 AM!) And the dogs didn't even wake me up. They may have tried, but I have been so tired lately, that I may have slept through it (even though that it is very unlikely since I am such a light sleeper).

After Travis and I got up, and got kisses from our babies, we jumped into the hot tub and just admired this view. 

We had to be careful though, because the hot tub steps were frozen (although when I took this picture, the ice was melting)

While we were in the hot tub, we always get kisses from our babies.

We then got out and got ready for the days (which consisted of taking a shower and putting our PJ's back on). We weren't going anywhere since we had the opportunity to spend a whole day together.

Afterwards, Travis made eggs with bacon. The other day I asked Travis if he wanted, "Breakfast - eggs and bacon" When he said yes, I then asked him, "Can you make the eggs?" Travis laughed saying, "And the bacon too?" Why yes, he knows me so well. Travis is the cook, not me. And for some reason I cannot cook eggs (quite pathetic I would say).

Trav usually makes some extra eggs and bacon to give to the dogs. They love it. Today, we decided to spoil the cats too. Jax hasn't been feeling well lately, we thought he would be really excited about the egg portion (Payson too - because, well, Payson eats anything!).

The cats weren't sure about the eggs, so the dogs ate them for them.

Travis did mention something that completely surprised me when we were about to sit down and eat. (We weren't even talking about anything like this - he just brought it up out of the blue).

"I've been thinking about getting your name tattooed on me. I mean I'm just thinking about it."

I honestly, didn't know what to say. People who get someone's name tattooed on them usually don't seem to work out. I think it's so sweet that he even thought about it, but I honestly don't think he's going to do it and I'm okay with that. I don't need him to tattoo my name on his body to know that he loves me. He shows me that every day. :)

After breakfast, we turned the fire place on, cuddled, and watched some episodes of Breaking Bad. Have you seen this show yet? Trav LOVES it! I wasn't really feeling it, but now we're on the last season - things are finally getting more intense and I'm actually excited to watch the next episode.

I was craving chocolate, so I made chocolate chip cookies (yes not on my healthy plan, but hey, I said I don't follow it exactly), and put them in a iron skillet. The cookie dough melted together and oh my gosh it was amazing! (Highly recommend cooking cookies in a iron skillet)

Then you might laugh. Trav looked up some ideas for winter dates. One thing that popped up on a website was couples yoga.

So you bet we tried it...

I couldn't help but laugh during the process, but Trav feels a lot better, and I do a little bit too. I think if I wasn't laughing every minute, it would feel more relaxing.

I don't know how much more of a perfect day this could get:

Hot tub
Bacon & eggs
Breaking Bad

...could it get any better? I think not.

I could def. use more days like this!

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