Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Trav's Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic

Travis went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with his classmates. It was a mission trip that his class had to take, but it wasn't so much as a "had" for Travis, because he's always wanted to take one and always wanted to help people around the world.

When Travis came home he exclaimed that, "After retiring, I would like us to live in the DR for a while to help with whatever we need to do." And I am soooo… down for that. Why not serve if we're able? At first I was a little hesitant, but if that is where God leads us, than we are going to follow. We are not making that decision right now, but once retirement is close, than we will pray for it more and see where we are directed.

He got to see a glimpse of what life was like in the DR:

*disclaimer: some of these photos were taken by his friends*

(If they weren't walking, they were riding scooters around. Usually there would be two or three people on one.)
(This is what Travis had to drink water out of because the water there isn't clean.)
Kids were found playing outside

(Most people would walk to get to church)

The most important reason for them to go, was to spread the love of Jesus. Jesus was the main focus. 

But the whole class was also able to help out in the DR in the medical field. Travis did an epidural for the first time and got it in perfectly! :) 

Trav ADORED the kids. He said there was just something special about them. And Trav, is great with kids, so he was surrounded by them. He said the orphanage was a place that they could call home, they got food and were loved by everyone there. I think everyone's favorite part, was probably the kids.

(Travis mentioned how this little girl was his favorite)

Don't worry, it wasn't all hard work. His last day there was spent on the beach - getting a massage. Getting a massage. LOL.

This is where Trav felt the hand of God working through him.  Not only did he think this was a life changing trip, but I can't wait to go on one with him next time!

AND… don't let me forget. 

Trav came home with the surprise that we are sponsoring a little boy! :) More to come!!! *Update: for some reason, it didn't happen*


  1. Go Trav!! That's really awesome. FOSTERING????

    1. I'm really proud of him! Glad you caught my mistake of fostering. LOL. Maybe that's why I should proof read my blog posts more. LOL.

      <3 Ash


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