Monday, February 24, 2014

2013 in Review


We celebrated New Years in a memorable way.

Travis started CRNA school.

Grandma and Grandpa R. came to visit.

We adopted Jax.

Travis and I seriously started talking about fostering/adoption.


I hit ice on a bridge and did a 360 and hit railing. Thankfully if it was not there, I may not be here today.


We adopted a playmate for Jax: Payson.

We visited Parkers Crossing when Trav's mom came to visit.

And also visited Nashville for the first time.


My parents came into town and we visited Graceland.


We did a backyard makeover.

Tatum turned three!

I did my first photo shoot of my sister. Didn't know this was going to allow me to open my photography business.


Travis and I did our first wine and canvas.

Brittany stayed with us during the summer.


Trig graduated!

We fostered little Ollie.

Noah and Shelly came to visit.


We celebrated Trig's first birthday with us.

Dan came to visit us, and I locked my keys in the car.



We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary.

When Trav's mom came to visit, we took her to Pinson Mounds.

And visited the Memphis Zoo.

I dressed up my babies in Halloween costumes - even if they hated it.

My mom, dad and sister came down for Thanksgiving.


We went to Indiana to spend Christmas with family.

We celebrated Trav's 27th birthday.

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