Monday, January 20, 2014

A Lifestyle Change

A while ago, Travis got bloodwork done, showing that his cholesterol and some other numbers were extremely high. This scared him to death. He knew he needed to do something, so he started eating healthy, working out, and started taking Phentermine in hope to get his levels closer to normal.

I was a bad wife you guys, and I didn't really help his situation. I figured he could eat better, but that didn't mean I had to. I continued to make batches of cookies and eat everything I wanted to eat.

Eating like that won't do anything good for you. Finally, Travis sat me down and basically told me that I needed to support his eating habits and healthy lifestyle, if, I wanted him to live longer.

So I surrendered. After we got home from visiting family for Christmas, I tried so hard not to go to the grocery store to get the things I would normally eat. I began to eat healthy, especially after seeing a huge difference it Travis after his lifestyle changed.

After a couple of weeks, and feeling pretty good, of not having cravings, and not having junk food, that many carbs, and etc. I got on the scale at the doctors office on January 9th. I almost died as I saw the scale read 150 Ibs. 

What had happen? I was finally feeling better about myself. 150? Before our wedding, I weighed probably around 130. 

150, you gotta go.

I stil wasn't exercising, but I begged Travis to see if I could get on the Phentermine but he wouldn't let me unless I was dedicated to making a lifestyle change with him. That means not only taking a pill, but eating healthy, and working out, because he doesn't want to lose me early either.

I was able to finally go to the doctor to get Phentermine. I got on the scale and it read 147 Ibs, which was still not a lot of progress from a couple of weeks ago.

Today, I went to the gym for the first time in over a year. I'm so out of shape, that I could only do some of the machines, combined, for a total of 30 minutes.

I had Travis take my photo to show the "before". It was after I got home from working out and before I showered. Sorry for the awful mess looking of myself.

Anyways, I am not planing on taking Phentermine for a long period, just to the point of my goal weight. I am not also taking Phentermine just to lose weight, but also to help me re-gain my knowledge of portion control. I am not going to lie, I like to eat, and eat a lot.

I haven't had made a batch of cookies or ate a batch of cookies in a month now. Maybe that doesn't impress you, but for me, that makes me so happy.

In case you want to know what Phentermine is, it is a prescription diet aide. It is supposed to help you surpress your appetite, to make you feel full. There is many side effects that could occur, so it is not made for everyone. I am starting with half a pill a day, and can already tell, that I have trouble sleeping, even if I take it first thing in the morning. Also, since taking this, I have constant dry mouth. Thankfully, they want you to drink a lot of water, which I am having no problem doing this.

I am planning on keeping this lifestyle change, and hope that you can cheer me on during my progress. I really don't want to get discouraged.


  1. Adam and I always end up influencing each in good and bad ways! When once of us gets off track, the other does. When one of is doing good, we both our! It amazing how much your partner's habits matter. Adam has been respectful of my eating now that we that I have had surgery. The other day I told him he could have Mcdonald's as long as he didn't bring it home :)

    1. You're right - I think if it was the opposite and I was eating healthy and Trav wasn't, then I'd be pretty upset and get off of track. One thing that they asked me when I was getting on Phentermine if my spouse was over weight - I think it was a question to see about each others eating habits as well. Can't wait to see the results of your surgery :) Also, you're too sweet for letting him have McDonald's. I would love some of that!

  2. Good luck girl!! Ryan had a similar realization (got bloodwork done on vacation) and we've been eating tons and tons of fresh veggies since we've been back home. It makes me happy! I'm a big veggie girl. I've been watching The Biggest Loser also and it's soooo motivating!!


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