Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Heartache

I woke up to find out that there was a shooting close to my hometown. Something that you never would think that would happen so close, and it does.

From what I've read, a guy went into a grocery store and after about a half hour of being there, he started shooting. He killed a girl who was stocking shelves, and shot and killed another woman in the store. He then had the manager on his knees pointing the gun to his head. The police came into the store, scared him away, and found him in the middle of the store. The police shot and killed him, and they saw that not only did he have a gun, but, he had a hunting knife on him as well.

It hit so close to home. Can't even imagine what their families are going through. Can you imagine your best friend, daughter, or etc. going into work, and that would be the last time you would see them? Or having your wife, daughter, mother, go to the store to get groceries, not knowing you will ever see them?

I don't know what this world is coming to. It saddens me so much, just like every tragedy does, but this one makes my heart ache. Maybe because it's so close to home, or maybe because I feel as I get older, I can understand more what is going on.

Just wish that the world was a better place, and just remember to say to your loved ones that you love them every chance you get.

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  1. I feel like that too sometimes. I remember when that shooting at the theater in Colorado at the Batman movie. It hit me so close to home because my husband went to the same screening just in a different state. It could have been him, it could have been anybody. Just people living in their life being at the wrong place, wrong time.


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