Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Things I've Learned This Past Week

This past week, I've learned:

*Sometimes the most awkward moment is trying to figure out where to put your hands when you're laying in bed. There was one point when I laid on my stomach and put my hands like I was being searched. That didn't last either, and I spent the next half hour trying to figure out which way my hands would be comfortable.
*Since I've been able to sleep in lately (if you call it that), sometimes I pretend to still be sleeping, otherwise the dogs will be in my face excited for the morning. I wish I had their excitement, instead, I just want to sleep, just for a little longer.
*Through some bad times, people can come together. The fire at my work provided me a way to see the people I work with in a different light. I used to only see them working when I would pass by with a slight wave and smile, and hopefully be able to have a small talk conversation with them. This time, I saw actual conversations, people working side by side to get things together, people caring for others and people working together. Even though something tragic happened, the good came out and brought us closer together, smile and laughter.
*That we have some pretty awesome friends. Having a few close true friends is better than having many so-called friends. Our friend, Dan, was able to visit us this past week and the week before, good friends, Shelly and Noah came to visit. Your heart does a happy dance when you see them. It means so much to be able to sit down and laugh, joke, and tell stories with someone that means so much to you where you feel like no matter the distance, you can just pick up from where you left last. And you know that you mean the same to them. These are the friends you know you're going to have the rest of your life.
*To appreciate the small things. The other night as I laid in my bed, I fell asleep to the sound of crickets. The sound made me feel so safe, and secluded. If we move back to a larger city, we won't get that. Basically, don't take advantage of small things because you never know when you might have it again. 
*Flabergasted to have such a wonderful support group. This upcoming week is going to be so much fun. We're starting up our study group once again, the wives and children will be coming over so we can catch up, and I will be doing one of my first photography sessions since starting a facebook fan page. It was also nice to see everyone say such sweet things and support my new business. "You have talent, girl, of course people are going to like it", "Told you it was your calling", "Your pictures are beautiful". It makes you feel all tingly inside to know that people are behind you. 
*To look forward to the time you have now. I am a dreamer and always thinking about the future. Which just isn't fair, because I can sit and enjoy the time I have now. Trav and I are happily married enjoying a new life together, Trav has started his clinicals, we have pretty awesome friends and family, I started my business. Things don't need to be rushed - just enjoy the time you have now.

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