Sunday, September 8, 2013

What Happened to the Good in the World?

Sometimes people really make me sad. Watching the news brings me heartache because sometimes they don't highlight good stuff that is happening, just mostly the negative. 

What happened to morals, people? Why do people cheat on their significant other? Why do people think it's okay to have sex with multiple people, sometimes even at the same time? Why do people enjoy watching these things on shows? What is wrong with having sex with one person you love, and staying faithful to that person? My question to them would be why would you hurt someone you love like that? Just blows my mind.

No living person/creature deserves any form of abuse. There are just no words. What ever taught them to be that kind of person? Just imagine, if someone can do that to something so small and unprotected (especially animals, children and the elderly), what kind of person are they? 

When did you think it was okay to take things from others or to scam them? There was a whole thing on the news about people who pickpocket. Why would someone even think that's okay to steal something from someone's pocket/out of their car/their home/property? Someone else worked really hard for that, and a person is just going to take it away when they didn't do anything to deserve it? It's scary that you can walk out of your house, leave everything behind, knowing that someone can break into your home, or even steal from your own pockets, without you even knowing. Where is the shame?

People also love to scam others, especially the elderly. How selfish they are to even come up with this idea in their head and then play along with it to get money out of people. This is how they treat someone, even people that they know?

People also sue all the time. A person sued because someone hit them with a shopping cart (where she said it caused an injury). Honestly, people, will make a law suit out of just about anything and get away with just about everything. Scary - especially when it didn't really cause them physical/mental harm. These people are taking advantage of people just so they can make extra money. It really makes you terrified about anything - even if someone falls at your home, or if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, or something that you can't control, but somehow you are responsible for it.

Why do people kill? I'm not talking about self protection. People who let anger, jealously, or even greed take control their lives even for a split second. I can't even imagine things like this, or things such as extreme as what Hilter did. There is just no comprehending it.

We're pretty brave people to go out and face this scary world of ours, each and every single day.


I don't know what God thinks about his world, but he has to have some form of disappointment. It seems like the small, great things are hard to find.  

The Bible tells us not to judge, but I am concerned, how could these things not be judged? What kind of surrounds are kids going to be raised into?

All I want is for people to be kind to each other and not hurt each other. What a wonderful world that would make for a change.

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