Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cheese, please!

Guys, Trav and I always have a disagreement about cheese. You heard that right - cheese

It started when we were coming home from our honeymoon. We were tired from traveling all day from our wonderful Hawaii honeymoon. Then the unimaginable happened.

We got hungry at the airport while we waited for our next flight.

The only place that was close that was showing The Ohio State Game, was some sports Oriental Grill located close by. I'm very picky with food, and not a big fan of oriental food (I do like egg roles, but sushi just doesn't appeal to me). I scrolled through my options on the menu was that was a hamburger.

Thank goodness. But I need a cheeseburger. Sorry guys, I'm picky.  Trav questioned if I really wanted a cheeseburger in an oriental place as he already determined it wouldn't be that good (plus he really wanted oriental food). 

I really had to pee and couldn't wait, I got up to start to search for a restroom.

But I didn't get too far when I heard the guy ask, "Do you want cheese on that?" Trav said, "No thanks." Meanwhile across from the restaurant, "I want cheese with that" (telling the server). "Babe, it's a dollar more," Trav claimed pouting. "I don't care, I'm not going to eat a hamburger without cheese. It's only a dollar" As I argued with him in front of all the staring customers.

5 minutes later, our cheeseburger came out. Trav said it looked like they left the wrapper on the cheese, and it was barley cooked.So Trav reminds me that he paid an extra dollar for this. Was it worth it? Probably not to have a fight about it, but I wasn't going to admit that to him, after all, I wouldn't of ate it without it.

And what happened tonight? We went to Mexican restaurant for dinner, and got a burrito. It was a dollar extra to have cheese put on it.

Without even seeing if I wanted it or not, when the waiter asked if we wanted cheese, Trav said, "Yes, please."

I have trained him well. LOL.

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