Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wine and Canvas

After hearing about my friend's, Kate's and her husband's experience with "Wine and Canvas" I knew I had to do it. So for my 26th birthday, Trav surprised me telling me we were going to do a Wine and Canvas experience. However, because of the time that they had it, we were unable to do a couple's wine and canvas (a week in June 2013). That didn't matter, as long as we were together. 

When we got to the restaurant we were suppose to meet at, Trav insisted on ordering wine since it was a "Wine and Canvas". Don't worry, he also had a beer close by and his phone displaying every move that the Indians made. We also ordered some got some cheesy garlic bread, making our date perfect.

Don't let Trav fool you, he enjoyed it.

After we finished, we decided to only take one photo home to display (although Trav wanted to hang both of them in the kitchen so we could ask each guest that entered our house which one was better). Well, we weren't going to do that. Instead, we asked our parents which one they liked better.

Let's just say mine is displaying in our home, while Trav's at his mom's house. :)

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