Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Beginning of Summer

Our flower cactus' are finally in bloom. We're probably the only house in Tennessee that has cactus' (they must have knew it was meant to be when we moved from Phoenix). They are beautiful. However, today, it is pouring and I wouldn't be surprised if it's like this all day long. It even hailed out a couple days ago, so is summer finally nearing? I sure hope so.

Trav and I have been enjoying Trav's break and time off of work/school.

Once Trav first got on his break from school, we managed to load up our small car with ourselves, our stuff, two dogs, and two cats and travel 10 hours to get back home to Indiana. Our friends and family were amazed, as we were impressed that the cats didn't make a sound (otherwise, it'd be one heck of a trip). Almost as impressive that I didn't kill Trav on the way to Indiana. 

Long story short: he just wanted a hour of laying back instead of driving, but we drove the stick, which I still don't know how to drive, but wanting to be a good wife, I decided it to give it a try once again. Let's say the 15 minutes didn't go over well, Trav cried laughing while trying to video tape my little incident because I didn't know where the break was. Thankfully we are all right, and I will never have to drive that car again. I will spare you the video.

It was so nice to see family and friends that it made me miss home. We honestly, have the best family and friends a person could ask for. I realized that if we move to Indiana, that our family and good friends will miss important parts of our lives - like when we have kids and their major milestones, just as I miss some of that of their kids. 

Our vacation was full of fun: seeing friends and family, going to an Indians game, having a date night with Wine and Canvas (another post to come), etc. I also managed to get two photoshoots completed. I'm still working on editing. I was sadden that it rained most of the time when we were in Indiana. Then when we came back to Tennessee, it wasn't any different.

I was glad to spend a couple of days with Trav alone. I sure do miss having my babe around me.

I mean look at that cute face.

Anyways, here's the update with our little family.

Yesterday marked the first day of a new semester. He is a little nervous thinking this semester will be more difficult than last. He's trying to get in the trend of studying once again. The break was much needed; after all he was able to do the thing that normal things guys his age do: watch sports, have a couple of drinks, spend time with family, take naps, and just relax.

Also, he said such sweet things that I won't forget:

* "I used to pray for you before I even knew you. I wanted to know what you were doing and I didn't know if you were with someone or thinking about me too. I just wanted you to be happy with wherever you were in life." Um yes, I have the most amazing hubby ever.
* "If we got into an accident, and you were the last face I saw, I would die a happy man." He didn't say that when I told him we were going to die, but another time I was driving (in an automatic). I guess I'm a scary driver no matter what I'm driving.
* When we watched home videos of my family, "You were the cutest thing ever. I am so glad that I watched that. I can't get over how cute you were." I don't know if he was talking about my first car wash, or when my cousin would drive me around in a jeep and I'd stand in the back and my cousin would come to a sudden stop and I would fall into the front seat. Ha. Cute. But check out how cute my little cousin Matty was (not the one that would drive me around):

I just wish there were some videos of Trav when he was younger. I bet he was so darn cute with his blonde hair and blueish-greenish eyes of his. We think since his parents got a divorce that his dad probably tossed them with one of his moves. (I'll have to remember to ask next time we go to visit). However, I did get to hear about Trav's "babe-hunting" experience from some of his old neighbors, which is stinkin' adorable:

(Summary) One of the boys of Rosie and Carl's came home and Trav was over visiting. The boy told Trav (when he was younger) that he was going "babe hunting on the tri-state". He put on his sun glasses and Trav asked if he could come along. They said it was fine, and Trav ran and put on his red snoopy sun glasses and out they went. Apparently, he learned a thing or two, because later when Rosie drove Trav around, he would tell her (probably in such a sweet innocent voice), to "beep at that chick." Hahahahahaha. I love these stories of Trav when he was little; they make me so happy.


Let me tell you Tater could not be any happier to visit his grandparents AND spend two weeks with his daddy. Tatum is definitely a daddy's boy and any time that he gets to spend with his daddy, Tater is in heaven. When we came back home, Tatum didn't want to come through the door of our house, only because he is a smart puppy, and he knows that his daddy is not around as much as he likes him to be. To make matters worse, Tatum hurt his foot (we're still not sure how). He won't put any pressure on it, but it's not inflamed or doesn't appear to have anything wrong with it and he's not acting like it hurts. He's starting to put more pressure on it, but we'll see if we have to take him to the vet.


Not only did Trav start his class yesterday, but so did little Trig. I was so nervous because although I love Trig, he scares me when he gets around other dogs. I don't know if he's protecting me, himself, or what exactly he is doing. Trav was able to come with me for the first half of class, and much to my surprise, Trig did wonderful. He growled a couple times, but I think that Trig was probably one of the best students out of his class (maybe that's just his mom's bragging, or that Trav wore him out by running him ahead of class), who really knows.


Jax is feeling muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh better. He loved all the attention that he got at grandma's house when people would come over. He would greet everyone at the door, and although he's scared of dogs, he didn't seem to be scared of Aunt Lisa's dog, who was looking at him through the sliding glass doors (Payson would run away and wouldn't come back upstairs, which surprised me because Payson usually doesn't act scared of anything).


Little Payson is becoming such a little love bug. Yesterday, I was sleeping on my side and little Payson ran up and got right in between my arms and fell asleep. He also doesn't like to be away from his mommy for too long, I would def. say he's a momma's boy, which is just the way I like it. 


I am also trying to get my sister to come to visit for a couple of months on her summer break, but so far I don't seem to be getting anywhere. Just hopefully, I get a lot accomplished.

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