Friday, May 10, 2013

I Picked Up the Camera

 Trig is a morning puppy, so he was excited to start the day as you see in the photos, unlike Tatum who was still waking up.

One of the things that I love the most to do is photography. 

It's one of my passions.
I can tell you that I LOVE my DLRR. It's incredible. 
The picture quality is awesome.
Although I love my camera, I haven't put it through too much use.
It's big, bulky, heavy, and sadly, I only know how to use it in auto.
I decided that I want to put it back to use.
I took some photos outside of our babies, and I remember just how much I love my camera. 
And how I want to photograph more.
Instead of photographing objects and just fur babies, maybe people.
Maybe capture their moments of happiness, love, family and any passions that they may have.
When I go back to Indiana, depending on the weather (hopefully it'll be beautiful out), I have asked to take photos of some friends.
I'm pretty excited.
I want to take photos of Bri and her girls, Kate and Steven, Trav's grandparents, etc.
Now, they will be nowhere near professional. We all know that.
And I have no idea how they will turn out.
But hopefully it'll capture some of their fun personalities, and be a little more interesting than just plain studio pictures.
I even thought about taking some pictures of people in Tennessee, and I brought it up to a couple of people.
Word got around.
And I have already been asked to do some photos of someone starting a clothing line.
It's not going to be crazy amazing, but it's a start.
For doing something that I like, I'm pretty excited.
I will have great subjects to photograph, I will just now need to learn to use my camera.
And find a good photo editor.

Does anyone know a good free (as that is all I can afford right now) photo editor? I use Picasa, but I'm no where near in love with it.

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  1. I'm excited to see you!! And congrats on getting to take some pics! That is awesome! :)


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