Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Pre-warning: You may not want to read this post if you get freaked out easily. 

I am so thankful that we're going to be on vacation in a few days. Travis and his classmates all have a tad of "senioritis (haha, they are just in their beginnings of CRNA school) let's refer it to as vacationitis". They study day and night, with hardly a break in between, so it is much needed. Poor things.

I am just in need time of relaxation. And I deeply miss spending time with my husband. So a vacation is much needed and I'll gladly take it. I'm also excited to see friends and family as well.

We also have been experiencing a couple things that I have been too embarrassed to tell you guys this past month, but it now causes for a good laugh.

Ringworm. It has been crazy. We have dealt with it before, but nothing like this. I first took little Payson to the vet to get his shots and I mentioned these little "spots" that I've noticed. The vet on an emergency call, and they looked at it and announced that "I should just keep my eyes on it." Yah, and a week later, Jax had it all over his face; bad. I took him to the vet, again, the vet wasn't in the office (apparently, she's on a lot of emergency calls), and someone else looked at it and said it seemed to look like ring worm. *This was not a professional, just someone in the office, and I did not pay for the service*  They told us that we could get a spray for it, but since it was on their face, that a cream would be better. So I searched for a 2% antifungal cream; Walgreens and Krogers only had it in a spray. So what is a girl to do? I got the 1% Terbinafine Hydrochloride Cream 1 % and ordered special antifungal shampoo that cost $20! Some days it would look better than others (some of the spots around his ear started clearing up and hair grew back), and other days it would look way, way worse, but after reading information about ring worm it seems to get worse before it gets better, so we continued to put cream on it. I had to sweep the carpet like crazy, put tons of spray on our furniture, rent a carpet cleaner to clean the floors and the furniture (which both look pretty awesome now), give cats baths twice a week (which is already crazy to do), wash the beds/sheets/toys constantly, and put medication on cats that want run away frantically when they see you putting gloves on. Not only were the cats going insane with everything that was going on, but we were acting like big looney's.

Bed Bug Scare. Trav and I went outside around my birthday to clean up the yard. I came in with a massive bug bite on my neck. I guess that's normal here for these parts of the woods. I put some cream on it, and it went away a couple days later (one of my co-workers remarked how white trash I was with a hickey! LOL. She was joking people, but it was pretty intense). Trav woke up the next morning and noticed huge red marks all over his back. He panicked. For some reason, he did research and thought they were "bed bugs" because days later the red marks kept spreading on his back and they itched him like crazy. He kept telling me this and naturally I freaked out, even though I insisted that wasn't it (it would be all over his back and all over me), but Trav is a nurse, so I figured he would know more than me. I probably scared a couple of people when I asked if they had anything for bed bugs, etc. My natural concern was, "What are people going to think?" "We're going to have to stay somewhere" "We're going to have to get an exterminator" "We're going to have to get new everything". It was pretty intense and pretty scary. Trav got annoyed when I told him that we didn't have them because I was ignoring the fact after he looked in our beds and sheets and found no residence of them). When he showed it to a friend they told him it wasn't bed bugs, just a bug bite. He didn't believe it and was still freaking out. He finally asked another friend who looked at it and said, "Dude, it's poison ivy. I had it a while back and it looked just like that" Bahahahahaahaha. He has to get cream, and we still have to wash the sheets, but Trav finally stopped freaking out. Good one, Trav. (I still love you). He also gets scrubbed twice daily along with a no-charge massage of rubbing some sort of poison ivy cream by yours truly. (Okay, maybe that was too much information).

Cat Mange Scare. When I realized that the "ringworm" was not going away, I freaked out even more. I looked up the symptoms of feline mange. (Not like I wanted to) and realized that our cats a different vet this time and was able to get them in. After all, the cats have been miserable, they look and feel awful. They did a skin scrape. Negative. They looked at them under the light for ringworm; negative. They then looked at Jax's tail region to look at that "balding spot" and they think it's abscessed. Which I feel terrible for not taking him in sooner. The place that I got him from said that the bald spot was from surgery and that his hair would grow back. I saw that it was growing, and again when I went to the vet, they acted like it was no big deal. So about $100 dollars later, we got steroids for the cats (since they were so inflamed probably from all the anti-fungal cream we were loading them on and the shampoo). Now that they are back home, we are under strict orders not to put any cream or give them any more baths with that shampoo. Jax also came home with some medication *Pouty face*. I'm just glad that it's not mange and the ring worm portion is over so now our babies can finally start to feel better. I mean how sad and awful they look:

And maybe, just maybe, little Jax will feel so much better, that he will bloom. He has bloomed a lot since getting Payson, but became depressed when he wasn't feeling well. When he's not in so much pain, I think he will be happier than ever. 

After all said and done, I'm ready for this vacation.

So did I completely freak you guys out? 

Also, please pray for Trav as he has one last final coming up. Thanks lovelies.

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