Friday, May 3, 2013

Backyard Makeover

Flowers are starting to bloom, the smell of freshly mowed grass is starting to arise, and people are finally starting to come out from hiding - can only mean one thing: Spring is finally here!

Thanks to all the rain, our backyard was becoming a jungle. To say it needed a little  much TLC would be an understatement. We decided to not wait until last minute to fix up the yard like we did at our last house, because the new home owners got to enjoy our  yard more than we did. We want to enjoy this yard before we sell again, and hopefully it'll add a little more character to potential home buyers.

We had two major sections that needed work done, and thanks to Trav, he helped me out a lot by cutting some of the trees and branches down:



Coming along


Here's the other part of our yard.




For the first time this year, I have completed a project that I started. *Does happy dance* Now maybe I can finish some other projects around the house? Maybe, just maybe?

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  1. The backyard looks amazing!! We have been working to make ours look better too, even though we are still renting. There's something awesome about having a nicely manicured backyard!


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