Friday, May 3, 2013

Another Year Older

It's already May! The other day when I looked at something to ship from online, when it said "May 6th" I was completely turned off. "How could they wait to ship it that long?"... Well duh, May was only a couple days away. Ha.

On May 1st, I turned 26. Trav took me out to celebrate my birthday a day before. I came home from work to a yard that was freshly mowed, the house cleaned and these beautiful flowers.

My husband is amazing and treats me like a princess. 

He then took me out to Cheddars (one of my favorite places to eat) and I ordered a shot, a margarita and some pasta.

I needed the shot because, even though I work retail, my customers were really rough that day, yelling at me for the smallest reasons (one because I asked for his ID because he wrote a check, another because the muzzles we had at the store wasn't good enough quality, etc.) 

So when I got home to my wonderful husband, our fur babies, and everything Trav did, my day instantly became 100% better.

I don't mind getting older (even though I think I had a melt down for my last birthday because I was half of 50). I actually like it. I feel wiser and just so much more experienced. Does anyone else feel that way, or am I just a weirdo? LOL.

Also, Travis and I will be doing a wine and canvas thing when we go back to Indiana (it's not a couple's night though, because they don't have a couple's night when we're back in Indiana). I am pretty excited about that, and these delicious cupcakes:

I am also loving this bracelet from Grandma L.

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  1. We are so much a like! My favorite restaurant is Chedders and I love their margaritas :) What do you eat there? I love the Monte Christos! So yum.

    And we both have May Birthdays :)

    Glad you had a good one!


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