Wednesday, May 1, 2013


One day while I was taking a walk, I spotted this little guy roaming the neighborhood. He came to me right away and started kissing my face (just like when I found Trig). I took him home and gave him a bath. He looked like he was well taken care of and he had a harness on, just no collar. I let the boys play with him outside, and little Trig took a real liking to him and chased him and followed him everywhere. Trig has a thing for smaller animals because I think he thinks he can take care of them, while probably the bigger animals intimate him.

I posted an ad on Craiglist hoping that the owner would call. Later that day once Trav got home, we decided to walk the neighborhood to see if anyone would claim him. What did we run into? A young boy coming off the trail by our house and we asked him if he knew of anyone missing a dog. He said he was looking for his dog that escaped and described the Boston perfectly (with his harness and everything). So little "Boston" who was really named Rocky, went back home safe and sound :)

But it ended up being a fun day for little Trig who made a new friend in the neighborhood.

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