Monday, April 29, 2013

This is Why My Husband is Amazing

Trav amazed me with this stone. I found it when I was doing a load of laundry. I asked Trav what it was. He got excited when he saw it and told me it's the stone that when we had our first baptism at our church. (I've never grabbed a stone before in church something new to both of us, but that's how they do it at our church. Trav somehow threw his away). I found mine, he took it without me knowing, which I thought I just misplaced and never thought about it again. Trav apparently plays with it when he's taking a test to calm him down. What did he get on his last test? Well... not as good as his other tests, but because the stone was in the washer, he didn't have it. He thinks it's good luck and reminds him of me :) He's excited to have it for his next test though.

And this past week, I have been getting some pretty sweet texts:

So there is this little girl that Trav happens to see on his way to the gym once in a while. He says she reminds me of when I was little with the curly hair, glasses, etc. The other day when we were juicing, I had a juice mustache. He spotted her two or three days afterwards my juicing incident.

I love my husband. He's the best. :) I know some of these things are pretty corny, but these are the moments that make me know how truly wonderful he is and how much we are meant to be together.

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