Sunday, April 28, 2013

Things You Should Know About Me if We're Going to be BFF's

*I like to start DIY projects, but never seem to finish them.
*Taking pictures of others is something that makes my heart happy. 
*I love my husband to the moon and back. I am usually found with him if you can't get a hold of me.
*To say I have a sweet tooth would be an understatement. I can eat a box/batch of cookies in a day and it doesn't even phase me.
*I am a huge animal lover and would take home every single one home with me if I could. 
*I used to be obsessed with excel spread sheets. My best friend Kate, even wrote about it in a speech that she made at our wedding. Since become a Mac user, I don't have Microsoft Excel, so I have to use "Notes" more than anything else. And I'm okay with that.
*I used to be addicted to tanning. Travis basically made me stop because he was worried that I might get cancer. I can't stand being so pale, but I can also look at someone and now think they shouldn't tan so much.
*I adore country music. I also have started listening to Christian music (which I didn't like when I was in middle school and didn't understand why people listened to it). It makes me feel better than listening to rap music. 
*I recently discovered a love for baking. Mostly, chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies. I love eating the dough raw.
*I love having my nails done - it makes me feel complete.
*Eating makes me happy, especially if I can eat out (I'm not good at cooking - as I burn most objects and make the most meal most of the time). If I like something at a restaurant, I will get it at 99% every time I go to that restaurant.
*I adore sleep and need lots of it. Period.

Scared of:

*I am terrified of bees. Terrified. Most other moving bugs scare me too.
*I used to make fun of my mom because she was scared of heights. Now I'm scared of them too. With age too, I have become a little claustrophobic. 
*I won't watch scary all.
*I like being the passenger in a car. Driving scares me, possibly because I'm a bad driver. I become a whole different person when there's any slight traffic. Also, when there is curvy roads, watch out, because I have just started getting motion sickness.

Weird Facts:

*I get cold way too easily. I usually am found with some sort of sweater on, even if it's 90 or so degrees out. Making me actually excited about hot flashes. Ha.
*I have one foot bigger than the other, so I have to wear a size 9 shoe, just for the bigger foot.
*Clean houses make me happy. I love the smell of bleach and being able to see vacuum lines. A tad crazy? Yes.
*I can't swim and I took swim lessons when I was little. There is something with my head being under the water that freaks me out.
*I am a homebody, but when I spend too much time inside, I get cabin fever.
*I have a hate/love relationship with shopping. I love to shop, but don't like to spend much money (like over $10-$15 dollars on one item) and usually check out the clearance rack. If I reach several stores with nothing good on their clearance rack, I'm done for the day.
*I never played sports in school when I was a kid, and I don't know much about them. There is probably a reason for that.
*I get pretty grouchy if I'm hungry and I haven't ate yet.
*My sister and I are 7 years apart. I wish we were closer in age.
*I like carrying a fancy cup with me because it makes me feel smart.
*I fainted in the hospital once while visiting my grandma. My first and hopefully last experience.
*I have never broken a bone. Probably because I never played sports or the fact that I'm not a rebel. 
*I am a big dreamer, yet realistic about most things.
*Often I'm told that I have a "bubbly" personality; yes, that is the word they use.
*I have old fashioned morals (well most of them anyways).
*I am pretty much an open book.
*I trip over my own feet on a daily basis. I ask beyond dumb questions "Does ice have calories?". I'll probably be the most ditzy person you will ever meet. Welcome to my world.

I am Bad at:
*My face doesn't hide any of my emotion. I am an open book.
*I have an awful memory. I can't hardly remember yesterday, yet alone a couple days ago. Yet, if you made me feel a certain way, I will remember it basically forever.
*I don't like the way I look. I am self concious about everything, although I am slowly working on this.
*I'm a terrible gift giver. Thank goodness for gift cards, that is always thoughtful, right?

I Want:
*I want to adopt one day in the future. There are so many kids that need homes, and I want to be a part of that. I love big families.
*I want to travel a little bit before we have kids.
*Sign language is beautiful and I would love to learn it one day.
*My faith in the Lord is growing. I joined a study group (but it ended not too long ago) and I have even started reading the bible. I want to continue to grow and become a stronger follower.
*I want to change the world, but know that is impossible, so I wouldn't mind making an impact on a life or two.

I Don't Like:
*One of my biggest pet peeves is people taking pictures of themselves. all. the.time. 
*Dishonest people. 
*I hate folding laundry. Usually it will sit clean for days before I actually move it to the closet.

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