Friday, April 5, 2013


My parents were able to visit since we moved to Tennessee. I loved every second of it and missed them like crazy. The weather in Tennessee wasn't anything to brag about to Indiana people as they have seen weather just like this at home (cold, rainy and gloomy). However, the Monday I had off from work, was beautiful. We made our way to Graceland.

Elvis' house (we weren't allowed to go upstairs for the family's privacy):

Elvis' parents who he loved dearly
Living Room
His parents room

Glass ceiling

Basement living area

"Jungle Room"

Lisa's playset

Fan room

Elvis loved horses and had a couple of his own

Elvis' cars:

One of the many, many, many cars that he had

His mom's fave car

Learning About Elvis

Learning about Elvis
Elvis as a little one
Lisa Marie Plane
On our way in

Lisa Marie plane

That's gold sinks, actual gold, people!

Those seat belts are real gold
Elvis' "smaller" plane
Elvis' Outfits
One of the countless outfits of Elvis

Elvis' Charities

Elvis had a kind heart. He was always giving things away to others, paying hospital bills, visiting children, and being a good person. He loved sharing his money with others, unlike stars today, where some of them couldn't even donate to the 9/11 fund.

It was a great experience and so worth the hours spent there. He reminded me of a guy who was pretty down to earth and would be easy to talk to.

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  1. So glad you guys had such a great time at Graceland! I loved it too! It did make me look at Elvis in a different light he wasn't just a musician! He was a man with a very kind heart! Just wonder how his life would have turned out had he lived longer!

    I just finished the book Inside Graceland written by Elvis's maid! I highly recommend it! It gives you an overview of day to day life at Graceland!


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