Monday, April 29, 2013

This is Why My Husband is Amazing

Trav amazed me with this stone. I found it when I was doing a load of laundry. I asked Trav what it was. He got excited when he saw it and told me it's the stone that when we had our first baptism at our church. (I've never grabbed a stone before in church something new to both of us, but that's how they do it at our church. Trav somehow threw his away). I found mine, he took it without me knowing, which I thought I just misplaced and never thought about it again. Trav apparently plays with it when he's taking a test to calm him down. What did he get on his last test? Well... not as good as his other tests, but because the stone was in the washer, he didn't have it. He thinks it's good luck and reminds him of me :) He's excited to have it for his next test though.

And this past week, I have been getting some pretty sweet texts:

So there is this little girl that Trav happens to see on his way to the gym once in a while. He says she reminds me of when I was little with the curly hair, glasses, etc. The other day when we were juicing, I had a juice mustache. He spotted her two or three days afterwards my juicing incident.

I love my husband. He's the best. :) I know some of these things are pretty corny, but these are the moments that make me know how truly wonderful he is and how much we are meant to be together.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Things You Should Know About Me if We're Going to be BFF's

*I like to start DIY projects, but never seem to finish them.
*Taking pictures of others is something that makes my heart happy. 
*I love my husband to the moon and back. I am usually found with him if you can't get a hold of me.
*To say I have a sweet tooth would be an understatement. I can eat a box/batch of cookies in a day and it doesn't even phase me.
*I am a huge animal lover and would take home every single one home with me if I could. 
*I used to be obsessed with excel spread sheets. My best friend Kate, even wrote about it in a speech that she made at our wedding. Since become a Mac user, I don't have Microsoft Excel, so I have to use "Notes" more than anything else. And I'm okay with that.
*I used to be addicted to tanning. Travis basically made me stop because he was worried that I might get cancer. I can't stand being so pale, but I can also look at someone and now think they shouldn't tan so much.
*I adore country music. I also have started listening to Christian music (which I didn't like when I was in middle school and didn't understand why people listened to it). It makes me feel better than listening to rap music. 
*I recently discovered a love for baking. Mostly, chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies. I love eating the dough raw.
*I love having my nails done - it makes me feel complete.
*Eating makes me happy, especially if I can eat out (I'm not good at cooking - as I burn most objects and make the most meal most of the time). If I like something at a restaurant, I will get it at 99% every time I go to that restaurant.
*I adore sleep and need lots of it. Period.

Scared of:

*I am terrified of bees. Terrified. Most other moving bugs scare me too.
*I used to make fun of my mom because she was scared of heights. Now I'm scared of them too. With age too, I have become a little claustrophobic. 
*I won't watch scary all.
*I like being the passenger in a car. Driving scares me, possibly because I'm a bad driver. I become a whole different person when there's any slight traffic. Also, when there is curvy roads, watch out, because I have just started getting motion sickness.

Weird Facts:

*I get cold way too easily. I usually am found with some sort of sweater on, even if it's 90 or so degrees out. Making me actually excited about hot flashes. Ha.
*I have one foot bigger than the other, so I have to wear a size 9 shoe, just for the bigger foot.
*Clean houses make me happy. I love the smell of bleach and being able to see vacuum lines. A tad crazy? Yes.
*I can't swim and I took swim lessons when I was little. There is something with my head being under the water that freaks me out.
*I am a homebody, but when I spend too much time inside, I get cabin fever.
*I have a hate/love relationship with shopping. I love to shop, but don't like to spend much money (like over $10-$15 dollars on one item) and usually check out the clearance rack. If I reach several stores with nothing good on their clearance rack, I'm done for the day.
*I never played sports in school when I was a kid, and I don't know much about them. There is probably a reason for that.
*I get pretty grouchy if I'm hungry and I haven't ate yet.
*My sister and I are 7 years apart. I wish we were closer in age.
*I like carrying a fancy cup with me because it makes me feel smart.
*I fainted in the hospital once while visiting my grandma. My first and hopefully last experience.
*I have never broken a bone. Probably because I never played sports or the fact that I'm not a rebel. 
*I am a big dreamer, yet realistic about most things.
*Often I'm told that I have a "bubbly" personality; yes, that is the word they use.
*I have old fashioned morals (well most of them anyways).
*I am pretty much an open book.
*I trip over my own feet on a daily basis. I ask beyond dumb questions "Does ice have calories?". I'll probably be the most ditzy person you will ever meet. Welcome to my world.

I am Bad at:
*My face doesn't hide any of my emotion. I am an open book.
*I have an awful memory. I can't hardly remember yesterday, yet alone a couple days ago. Yet, if you made me feel a certain way, I will remember it basically forever.
*I don't like the way I look. I am self concious about everything, although I am slowly working on this.
*I'm a terrible gift giver. Thank goodness for gift cards, that is always thoughtful, right?

I Want:
*I want to adopt one day in the future. There are so many kids that need homes, and I want to be a part of that. I love big families.
*I want to travel a little bit before we have kids.
*Sign language is beautiful and I would love to learn it one day.
*My faith in the Lord is growing. I joined a study group (but it ended not too long ago) and I have even started reading the bible. I want to continue to grow and become a stronger follower.
*I want to change the world, but know that is impossible, so I wouldn't mind making an impact on a life or two.

I Don't Like:
*One of my biggest pet peeves is people taking pictures of themselves. all. the.time. 
*Dishonest people. 
*I hate folding laundry. Usually it will sit clean for days before I actually move it to the closet.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

6 Months of Marriage

The other day (4.13.13) I came home to flowers, a clean house and Trav in the kitchen making dinner. He is so wonderful and so incredible to me. 

I'm sure many of you are asking how did she get so lucky?

Trust me, I know I am. Not only is he sexy, he is completely dedicated to me. Plus, he's everything I have always wanted in a man and even more. He treats me right, a way a woman should be treated. Others see that too.

Even one of my best friends/bridesmaid told other bridesmaids the night before our wedding, "If Ashley and Travis didn't work out, I would have snagged him up right away." 

Anyways, there are things that Trav sees in me. I don't know why he picked me. I am truly blessed though and am so glad that he loves me more than I can even dream of. I hope that all girls can find a hunk like mine who will treat them the way they should be treated.

Friday, April 5, 2013


My parents were able to visit since we moved to Tennessee. I loved every second of it and missed them like crazy. The weather in Tennessee wasn't anything to brag about to Indiana people as they have seen weather just like this at home (cold, rainy and gloomy). However, the Monday I had off from work, was beautiful. We made our way to Graceland.

Elvis' house (we weren't allowed to go upstairs for the family's privacy):

Elvis' parents who he loved dearly
Living Room
His parents room

Glass ceiling

Basement living area

"Jungle Room"

Lisa's playset

Fan room

Elvis loved horses and had a couple of his own

Elvis' cars:

One of the many, many, many cars that he had

His mom's fave car

Learning About Elvis

Learning about Elvis
Elvis as a little one
Lisa Marie Plane
On our way in

Lisa Marie plane

That's gold sinks, actual gold, people!

Those seat belts are real gold
Elvis' "smaller" plane
Elvis' Outfits
One of the countless outfits of Elvis

Elvis' Charities

Elvis had a kind heart. He was always giving things away to others, paying hospital bills, visiting children, and being a good person. He loved sharing his money with others, unlike stars today, where some of them couldn't even donate to the 9/11 fund.

It was a great experience and so worth the hours spent there. He reminded me of a guy who was pretty down to earth and would be easy to talk to.

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