Monday, March 18, 2013

You Can Tell You're a [Crazy] Pet Parent When...

*There are toys scattered all over your home. You pick up them up and put the toys away, but somehow the trail of toys manages to begin once again.

*One of your main roles is to be the referee; to make sure all the babies are playing nice with each other and not too rough.

*You spend more money on your babies, than you do on yourself.

*You usually don't have to set an alarm clock, since you will be getting up every single morning before the alarm even goes off (even on your days off) thanks to one particular baby. 

*When you're taking a nap and don't want to move a certain way since your baby is so comfortable.

*If you even get a spot on the couch, you consider yourself lucky.

*You celebrate your babies birthday.

*You have to find a sitter for them when you leave, because you can't bare the thought of them being alone. You also have to find time knowing when you're gone, what time you will be home to let them out to go potty, etc.

*You look forward to coming home every day to see your babies faces and getting daily kisses.

*All of the babies have multiple nicknames.

*You give your babies their own voice and make up what they are thinking/saying.

*You have more pics of your babies than anything else. Probably all of your friends are annoyed, but you don't even notice.

*You dress your babies up and although you may be torturing them [ha, okay, maybe that's only me].

*You can't get away from them... even when you're using the bathroom. They're always waiting.

*You have some sort of bed for them in just about every room. Or they just use yours.

*You take pictures of your baby by weird things.

*You have to accommodate all their needs. (For us, it was not being able to live an apartment, getting a house, and having to put up an over $1,000 fence), but they sure enjoy it.

*You give your babies middle names. You only use them when they're in trouble.

Tatum Jack
Trigger Gamble
Jax Antoine
Payson Charlie

*You can't get over how cute they are; and brag that they take after mommy/daddy.

*Sometimes you go through all your babies names, until you finally reach the right one.

*You pray for the other babies who don't have it so lucky where their owners don't care about them, nor are they taken care of, and those who are homeless.

*They are your children, no matter what. You will always have a special place for them in your heart.

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  1. I laughed out loud at the kitty paw under the bathroom door!!! It's so special how much you love your fur babies :) They really do make life so sweet! (Sometimes smelly)


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