Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Moving Across the Country to Phoenix, AZ

In 2010: Girl loved boy so much, that she picked up everything she knew to move across the county to an area where she didn't know a person or a place.  It was honestly a crazy idea, but for some reason my heart was just calling me to go through with it. So I listened.

Leaving Indiana:

Not too long after we left, we ran into this in Illinois:

We also traveled through Iowa, Nebraska {stayed that night with Trav's friends, Andrew and Katie}.

The next day was another traveling day.
We got to Colorado and our battery died. A nice person helped us charge our car and we were on our merry way. We finally made it to Colorado where we were planning on meeting our friends, John and Jillian.

We basically arrived, and when we got there, my car pooped out. (Yes the car broke down and we got lucky enough to have two tow trucks. ) I cried and laughed so hard at the same time because I couldn't believe it was happening, then thinking about the expense made me tear up. It wasn't though, because it was a battery that my uncle Bob changed (and yes he told me to get a new one before we left, but I didn't listen) so around $200 later with thanks to a tow truck, we were on our way again. Honestly, I thought it would be much worse and there was something so much more wrong with my car, so I was happy that they told me it was just the battery because they could have been dishonest and we would have never knew. I should have listened to my Uncle Bob.

Traveld through Utah:

And then we finally made it to Arizona:

We finally reached the house when it was pitch black outside. The first step into our new home, I told Travis, "This is home." I wasn't scared, just happy to finally be there. 

P.S. To be honest, I was scared that Travis and I would have ran out of things to talk about, but that totally wasn't the case. We barley had the radio on :)

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  1. I love these shots, reminds me of the fun of my own road trip! You will have so many good memories from this trip! So where in TN are you living?


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