Sunday, March 17, 2013

Little Payson

Jax has seemed to be so depressed since we got him. He didn't really want anything to do with us/nor all of his toys. I felt awful and talked to Trav many times of taking him back (it was a rescue and a no-kill shelter, where they have told me numerous times how Jax is their favorite) because I wanted to do what was best for him (since he didn't seem to be liking our home) - that's awful, I know. 

Jax even started to try to play with us, but all he did was bite (constantly - even biting my face, and a friend), which really scared me, because I tried reading up on biting habits for cats, and tried doing everything that they said to do to fix the solution without any success. Jax is also not a very cuddly cat, and that's exactly what I wanted in a cat since our little Archie passed away. I tried talking to the people at the vet's office and they told me, "Jax is used to playing with lots of other cats here. Maybe he's lonely and needs a friend?" Fat chance.

Until, I walked in and got Tatum's teeth cleaned.

There was "My Love". Lesleigh introduced me, and told me that she when she saw before that I was considering adopting another cat, that she hoped that I would take one of her babies (they were abandoned as kittens, so Lesleigh bottle-fed them and basically took them everywhere she went, so she was very connected to all of the kittens). I asked to see them (only because they were the cutest little things ever), although I really wanted a tabby, female). She placed him in my hands (yes, because he only weighs a pound and a half), and I fell in love. I texted Trav, and since it has been a topic of discussion with Jax, we decided to try to see if that would make Jax come out of his shell, as long as I knew this is the right thing for our family.

As I picked up Tatum from his teeth cleaning, I also picked up "My Love" (as Lesleigh has been calling him). I brought him home and he fit in right away (and wasn't even scared of the puppies).

I took the little one and Tatum to go see/meet daddy. Daddy was worried sick about Tatum all day. We talked about names and couldn't decide on anything. Trav thought we should name him Possum since that's what he looked like, calling him "Awesome Possum" (Thanks, Caroline). I laughed, but that's not what we're naming our newest family member, sorry babe.

"Oh yay, another cat"

I then took the little one home and introduced him to Jax. I could see a change in Jax right away.

Jax started following the little one around. He started to clean him and everything.

Trig was the most excited and followed "Little one" (as I called him) around everywhere. And he still does, days after wards. Trig also likes to kiss him and clean him. Trigs will also try to protect him when Jax is playing too rough. That's some brotherly love right there.

Tatum was still a little woozy from all of his meds. When he finally started realizing what was going on, he became less than thrilled. We discovered once he woke up a little more, that his eyes kept getting bigger. (It was actually quite funny and I wish I had my camera then because Tatum's facial expressions are so noticeable).

Look at how stinkin' cute he is.

I didn't have to get any new toys for him, since Jax's toys were all new to him (and had hardly been played with). However, Jax seems to be much happier. He purrs a lot more, makes noises around the house (which we at first thought it was Payson since we've never heard it before) and actually plays with the toys. His whole personality has changed - he was depressed because he didn't have anyone to play with.

We (I) decided on the name Payson Charlie (yes I give my babies middle names), because Trav would only call him Possum (and probably will never stop calling him that, lol). It doesn't have an Ohio State theme like we were hoping for, but neither is Jax (named for our newest town) or Trig (who was already named). Payson suites him, although he doesn't come to it quite yet. LOL.

Our little family is now complete. After all, our family has grown from a family of 3 to 6 in less than a year. (Yes, everyone thinks we're I'm crazy, and maybe I am), but I feel more loved than I have ever been before.

P.S. We're trying to keep it a secret from family members, until they come to visit. I'm not sure if I'll be able to or not though. LOL.

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