Sunday, March 10, 2013

Being a Newlywed whose Husband is Married to School

I'm a dreamer. I can't always wait for the next big step in life. I am impatient.

I couldn't wait to be able to drive, couldn't wait to date, couldn't wait to graduate, couldn't wait to move out of my parents house (which is funny now, because sometimes you wish you could move back!), couldn't wait to find the perfect guy, couldn't wait to marry my dream man... you get the picture.

Lately, I have been dreaming about our future. 

Mostly what is going to happen after Trav graduates. Where are we going to move, what mission trip are we going to go on, where are we going to travel to, when we will start a family, and what our kids will be like. Hopefully they'll be like little mini Travis', except the part where he was so stressful, that he made his aunt cry when she babysat him. LOL.

I want our children to be able to experience everything that they possibly can. I want to have fun family nights, such as camping inside, around-the-world night (where we get to have our kids choose a country, do research on it, present some random facts, and we'll make a meal that represents the country they chose), pillow fights, etc. I am soooo excited because thinking about how awesome our little family will be makes me want to have that moment now.

But then I realized I need to stop thinking about the future and enjoy the moments that are in front of me.

I am a newlywed.

I should enjoy that time, not keep wanting the next thing that will be coming into our future. You only get this time in you're life for a little bit; make the most of it.

Being a newlywed has been hard for both of us. I think it's because of our situation.

We got married. 
Had a two-week honeymoon. 
Went back to Arizona, stayed with some close friends. 
Moved to Indiana with the mother-in-law until we could move to our home in Tennessee. We had maybe a week in Tennessee to ourselves (moving things and getting the house ready).
Trav started school. 

Now I see my husband, maybe for a couple hours a week. Trav's CRNA program that he is in, lasts 31 months. It is front-loaded, so I'm hoping once he starts clinical's things will get a little less stressful and we can enjoy more time being husband and wife.

I love my husband and I love spending time with him. He is my best friend, and oh how I miss him. 

Lucky for me, his Spring Break is right around the corner.

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We need to make these moments count.

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