Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Rain Coat Isn't in Fashion for Tatum

Tatum hates being wet. And where we live in Tennessee it rains all the time. The other day I let him out, he seemed so depressed that when he came back in, he was soaking wet. Poor baby.

At Petsmart, they have these cute red rain coats on clearance for a little less than $10.

This would be the perfect solution for Tatum, right? I thought so.

Apparently not. Tatum was so ashamed (beyond ashamed) of what Travis called a "Ronald McDonald" suit, that he wouldn't move an inch, except to pout his lips.

I had to take the rain coat back. But it was cute while it lasted. And a good memory of how cute he looked in it for the couple minutes that he had it on. LOL.

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