Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Beginning

How we could have met:

Travis & I could have met in many different ways, but our paths didn't cross until in April 2009.

*We lived only a few minutes from each other. The road between us, allowed us to attend different schools for elementary and middle school.

*We did however attend the same high school together and although we graduated in the same class, we never met. Later, I found out one of my friends in high school had a crush on him and would talk about him all the time, but for some reason I never even seen him.

*We both went to my best friend Kate’s wedding and sat only a table away. There is literally a picture taken, where Travis looks like he is looking at me in my direction (so my mom says). Not to mention, his date at the time, is blocked out in the picture by someone at my table. Nice, huh? LOL.

*Apparently we did cross paths at my friend Lisa's house, but I was leaving for the night, and he was just arriving. It happened to be a quick hello-goodbye along with the introduction with many others that night. 


Luckily, while I was over at a friend's house, our mutual friend, Kate was there. She was telling stories about this guy in her class named Travis. He sounded like a great guy and someone who would be fun to hang out with. I don't even know why I even became interested to begin with because I didn't even hear the whole story, something must have caught my attention to ask who this guy was.
Kate stated, "I'm not into this matchmaking thing, but I think you guys should meet. You'd be perfect for each other." {Who would have known that she was right}  

When she told Travis about me she made sure to point out that, "She is the marrying type." He stalked me through pictures of facebook, while I did the same to see exactly what we would be getting into. There was an instant attraction and we both couldn't wait to meet in person.

Travis cancelled some plans with friends, (another) Travis and Amber, so he could meet me, telling his friend Travis, "If you could see her, than you would know why I'm canceling" and made plans with Kate and Steven to double date and meet up with me. Kate made Travis the deciding factor of where to go and what to do. Travis picked out a place called Trios, a local jazz club restaurant. He was never there, but since Kate made him in charge of picking out a place, he wanted to make sure it was some place that would be unforgettable. 

The First Date:
Travis and I met up with Kate and Steven at Trios. I don't remember too much after seeing him because his smiled instantly stole my heart. I don't know how to explain it. 

Kate and Steven planned on leaving in advance, which they told us each secretly that if they weren’t hitting it off, then we could make the excuse to leave with them. But we didn't, we stayed.

As we were enjoying our time listening to music, Travis shared that before dinner he asked his grandma to show him how to hem his pants because for some reason, Travis felt like he really needed to impress me. The thing is that I would have never even noticed his hem pants because I was already falling in love with his smile.

A band musician fainted on stage {for real people - this was not part of the plan although Trav says he planned it that way, ha!}.  Luckily, since Trav is a nurse, he rushed up to help the gentleman, making him my official knight in shining armor from that night on.  After all the commotion of the fainting musician, we decided to get a drink.  Unfortunately, it was too loud to talk there, so we decided to go to a local school to gaze at stars instead.  :) 

We went to Trav’s mom’s house to grab blankets and spent the rest of the night swinging, chatting, and actually gazing at the stars.  Trav went in for a kiss but got DE-NIED (since I don't kiss on the first night) - although, it would have been uber romantic.  After that night, we couldn't stand being away from each other.

My life forever changed that day upon meeting him.

Fast forward to October 13, 2012 - where we became officially Mr. and Mrs.

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