Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Adventures in Jan 2013

Since January started:

1.) We are finally settling into our new home. We love it. It has such a wonderful cozy feeling. (I know you guys are waiting on pics, but please be patient with me because I want to make our place semi-cute before putting anything up!) 

2.) Our fence has finally been built. Everything here in Tennessee takes a lot longer, and we may have to wait 2 weeks to get a fence, but it's finally here. Trig has had a tough time for the last two weeks of going potty inside (on the carpet). His ADD takes control of him, and he just couldn't figure out how to use the bathroom on his leash as he had to sniff everything and hear everything. It's been beneficial for us all to have something like a fence.

3.) I start my new job tomorrow :) I am ecstatic.

4.) I feel as though I have a lot more motivation here. I have been cooking and cleaning much more than I have ever before. This is probably because we have no T.V. Insane right? Yah, that's pretty much what everyone thinks. I think it's been a good thing for us. We are focused on things that we want to accomplish, and we're not bothered by having the drama on t.v. and staying up to watch a certain football game, or whatnot. Our attention is on each other when we get home. (Although we still watch an occasional movie on Netflix once in a while).

6.) Our hot tub is AHHHH-AMAZING. I can't get enough of it. It's so nice to relax with Trav with the privacy of our backyard. Our fireplace is so incredible too. Trav thinks it gets the living room too warm, but Tatum and I enjoy it very much.

7.) We're not spending as much money as we usually do. When we moved to the home in Phoenix, we were spending money like crazy. Maybe it's because we don't have money to spend (since Trav's not working, and I don't start my job until tomorrow), but I like it. I have bought a few items, but I'll be more than happy to take them back if need be. Also, we have a lot of stuff that we already had in our previous home (this is probably the main reason) and we're just reusing the stuff (even if I'm not a huge fan of it).

8.) We have already made some really close friends here. You know, the friends that you think are going to be with you/you're going to communicate for the rest of your lives? I don't know, that's the feeling I get from them, probably mainly because they are awesome.

9.) We found "our" church. All 4 of us did (which I thought was going to be impossible). I'm actually excited to go back. I fell in love with it the moment that one of the ushers came running out with an umbrella to help us inside since it was pouring outside. It's actually a church that has a mix of old school and new school. It's really neat.

10.) Trav's grandparents are going to be coming at the end of the month to bring some additional items down and to visit. We've never had any of the grandparents come to our house in Phoenix, so we're pretty excited. :) 

11.) Trav is always studying. It's a good thing, but it's sad for the puppies and I. 

I mean, look at those sad little faces. :( We all miss daddy! Previous students do tell us that it gets better once the students start clinical's so I'm looking forward to that.

12.) Tennessee is a beautiful state (when it's not raining like it will be for the next week). I'm so glad that we're starting an adventure here since we've always wanted to move here. People here sure are friendly. They'll have a conversation with you just for the heck of it. Waitress/Waiters always ask "Do you want some sweet tea?" Everyone says, "Ya'll" And you'll get lots of welcomes to visit different people's churches. Tennessee is actually a lot like the song "Southern Comfort" by Brad Paisley. In case you don't know the words, you can get them here:

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