Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Year in Review

I know I've stated this like a hundred times or so, but this year, literally flew by. I'm sure that 2013 will do the same. I hope you have all a very happy, healthy, full of good memories heading your way for 2013!

Our 2012 recap:


Celebrated New Years in Indiana while Trav worked in Arizona and couldn't get the time off. :(

Trav and I got a roommate, but it was short lived when he decided to move in with his girlfriend.


Adopted out Sweetie, one of our foster dog's, to a new home. Sweetie was with us for almost a whole year. We are so proud of her.

Went to our first horse race.

Threw our first Super Bowl party.

Registered for some fun things for our wedding.



Had to say goodbye to our family member, Archie. It was one of the hardest things ever.

Went to our first professional hockey game. It was awesome.

Sent out our save the dates.


We celebrated my 25th birthday.

Friends and family threw me a bridal shower in Indiana.

My best friend, Jocelyn, and her husband Joel, had their wedding in Indiana.

We decided to foster kitties because Archie would love it.

Found out that Trav got into school!!!!


Went to a lake to cool down from Phoenix weather.


My parents came to visit and we went to Jerome, AZ.


Made some new good friends, who became our relator and helped us put our house on the market.

We did a weekend camping trip with friends Matt and Dana.

We sold the house!


We found little Trigger right before we moved. Although he had an owner at the time, they told us to "Just shoot him" and asked us if we wanted him. He became a family member soon afterwards.


Mary Beth, a friend, held a shower for me at work :)

We packed up our stuff. Trav moved our stuff to TN with a friend and then came to Indiana.

The girls threw me an awesome bachelorette party- country style!

We had our rehearsal at the location we were supposed to have the ceremony at.

Families got together at the rehearsal dinner.

We got hitched!

Took some incredibly cute wedding photos.

And had an awesome reception.

Then honeymooned in Hawaii.

And swam with some sharks!

Came back and put in our two week notice for work.


We lived with friends, Matt and Dana, for the first 2-3 weeks back in Phoenix.

We officially left Phoenix.

And made an offer on a house in TN!

Then we moved in with the mother-in-law and enjoyed time in Indiana with friends and family.

Celebrated Thanksgiving with three families :)

Traded our truck for a 2013 Toyota Corolla so we wouldn't have any more payments.

I went to my first Ohio State game with Trav. It was "the game". They won!


We put together a last minute Ugly Sweater Christmas party.

Moved into our new home in TN.

Celebrated Trav's 26th birthday.

And enjoyed our favorite little fur balls and all their cuteness :)

2012 - You rocked! Thank you for being so good to us. It was full of adventures, new promises, and some stress, but we couldn't ask for much more!

2013 - We are looking (okay I am) for a much more quieter year!

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