Thursday, December 20, 2012

Honeymoon Part 3: Oahu

We only stayed in Oahu for two nights. The main reasons we went to Wahu was to 1.) see Pearl Harbor and 2.) see my cousin who is stationed over there. Not a bad place to be stationed, huh?

Hotel Room View:

Waikiki Beach

Getting close to the sharks. Yes, Trav and I did this. This is def. something we can cross off of our bucket list. Trav LOVED it and was in the water the entire time except for 5 minutes because it was "chilly". This was his favorite part of our honeymoon. I found it to be very peaceful to be honest. They just swam around you. I was a little disappointed though because I was hoping to get more of a learning experience while riding on the boat on our way up to see the sharks. It wasn't educational at all. I thought that's why they did these tours though. However, when people asked questions, they did answer, but I wanted more of the history. Sharks are ocean-cleaners.

Pearl Harbor - I can't tell you guys how much I loved this part of the trip. Maybe because you learn so much. Travis has been here before and thought it was a one time deal, but he is glad that he went again. I guess when you get older, you're more interested in how/why things occurred and how things like this can be prevented. 

Saw my cousin. Yes, he is doing well. :) I sure do miss him. He's grown up so much and is usually shy, but with us around, he is much more of a talker. I think the military was great for my cousin, who used to be the kid who used to play video games all day. I think Matty know has found a purpose in life. I'm so proud of you Matty!

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