Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Honeymoon Part 1: Big Island

After the wedding, we couldn't wait for the honeymoon. I think that's what kept us in track the entire time, or we would have become completely looney with planning the wedding and moving. We needed a break and Hawaii was the perfect place to make it all happen.

Although the beach is filled with lots of this:

It had to be our favorite island to be on when you found some great spots. There was so much to do, not enough time, and we loved it because there wasn't that many people on the island.

Beach Day (We tried to find a local beach off of one of the main beaches. Fail. Trav and I got off the path and got surrounded with lava rock. Not good when you're as slow as me and when Trav feel a couple of times, causing his leg to bleed and now it's scared. :( After realizing about 45 minutes into it that we were on the wrong path, we turned back around and just stayed at the beach that we should have just stayed at in the first place) 

Captain Cook's Snorkeling (Literally the best snorkeling ever; we found no other place like it)



Look Out

Botanical Garden (Nothing like Arizona's; absolutely beautiful. We were on a time limit, so Travis had to drag me out of there). I also loved it because it connected to the ocean. It was stunning.

Black Sand Beach


I don't think that a couple days at the Big Island was enough time.

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