Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Panic Moment

I received an email from Bed Bath and Beyond about a VIP shopping trip at our (old) local Bed Bath and Beyond where we could save a 20% off of total purchase. I looked at my mom, "This is awesome! I just have to find our gift cards." "I don't know where you placed your gift cards, I was trying to find something through your stuff, and I didn't see them." (Me laughing), "Oh they are in the mailbox. Trav put them in there after we were done looking for them." "You can look, but I didn't see them in there."

I ran downstairs to the mail box where we saved all of our wedding cards. She was right, they weren't there.. The frantic mode hit. "Where did I put them?" I started going through all the gifts, and didn't see anything.  Then I started thinking about all the places I could have dropped them. I debated if I should Trav that I misplaced them that night, because we wouldn't be able to sleep, or if I should tell him the next morning. I can't hide anything from him, so when I got back to his mom's house I told him, "I don't know where our gift cards are from the wedding."

"We have six of them downstairs. We thought we would lose them so we put them in the dresser." "We had so many more gift cards than that. We probably had $2,000 worth of gift cards." Travis annoyed, "Okay, let's go look at your mom's house"

We looked through all the gifts, even going through the paper. We called his mom during the middle of the night to see where she remembered where we placed them. We didn't remember. My mom started to freak out thinking she accidentally threw them away. It was scary. Trav finally said those dreaded words, "Okay, let's go home.." I wasn't looking forward to it, I already knew I wouldn't be able to sleep and thought that Trav would be so mad at me.

We looked at the paper where we kept track of everything from who gave us what. Luckily, I wrote down who gave us what. I was scared to see how many gift cards we received. However, we ended up with exactly six. And it wasn't anywhere near the $2,000 of what I thought. I started smiling and Trav knew exactly what was going on. He knew he was right, like always.

"I love you always and forever. No matter if you would have lost us $2,000. I'm so glad that I married you," Travis whispered in my ear that night. All I can say, is that I am so blessed to be with a man who loves me so much and is so patient with me. I couldn't ask for anything more than that.

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